Aaron Hawke is a pure blooded royal Vampire and Leader of the Blood Circle. Also known as Night Shades, a special type of vampire that are able to walk within the day and not lose strengh or become weaker. The older a vampire, the stronger they are. Aaron is 5000 years old, the oldest vampire alive making him the strongest.


Aaron Hawke


Born are raised as a royal vampire. Growing up, Aaron had all that someone of royal fortune could want. But Aaron knew that when the day came for him to assend to the throne he didn't know if he could handle it, so Aaron ran away, little did he know that doing that was the best decision of his life. 

"No matter how strong and powerful you become, i will always be stronger, faster and more powerful":


Being a vampire gives Aaron amazing abilties, but due to him being a royal blooded pure vampire, Aaron has even more powerful abilties like these. Being a Day Walker as well as being royal, his powers are not weaker in the sun, at some points the sun actually makes him stronger.

-Enhanced strengh

-Enhanced Speed

-Night Vision

-Enhanced Hearing

-Abilitiy to see very far

-Able to smell anything with hot blood from miles away

-Can Never age

-Can control the minds of those of weak mind

-Special Ability (every royal vampire has there own) Able to fly.

-can create illisions to confuse others.


Jesper Kyd - Ezio's Family 10 Hours-0

Jesper Kyd - Ezio's Family 10 Hours-0

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