Skylar Storm



Arielle is about 14 she is full of fear. She is powerful but refused to fight. She is bionic .


Raised by a widow her mom who is now the queen of her kingdom. Her mom was wise but now has turned agaist everyone since she was a queen. Arielle childhood was difficult. But Arielle survived. Arielle was so powerful in her planet she had to be a secret. She has exactly 15 powers.


  • Healing
  • Flight
  • Creating Lasers
  • Speed
  • Reversing Time
  • Freezing Time
  • Invisibility
  • Strength
  • Turning people into things.
  • Super Jumps
  • Teleport
  • Making Fire
  • Molecklar Kenisis
  • Telekiniss
  • Creating Objects
  • Changing molecular structure

Quick ReveiwEdit

  • She is 14

She is 5'4 She is 90 pounds

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