The Girl Who played with knives.

Iris Minter
Tumblr m9nc6liGVX1rpu5kpo2 250
The Girl who played with knives
Some attributes
First 5ft4
Second District 2
Third Panem Citizen number: PHN4G2.DI4G05
Other attributes
Fourth 110 pounds
Fifth Brown hair
Sixth Brown eyes

Iris Minter came from district 2.She is a Doppelganger to Clove.Iris is helping Katniss, Tris, Calbe, Finnick, and Gale to get Panem restored.


Iris is from the country Panem, and lives in district 2.She was relocated for a while in Chicago, it was rebuilt after society collapsed.She now is back at Panem and lives with her mom and dad. But has recently gone rouge. and is helping Katniss.


  • Skilled Knife throwing: she has a  large selection of knives that were attached to the inside of her jacket.
  • Agility: Iris is very Agile.
  • Skilled fighting
  • Archery: Like Katniss Iris can shoot.
  • Intelligence Iris is very smart
  • Bravery
  • Leadership


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