Kelli Edit

Kelli is the fourth lab rat in season 1 right after Davenport brings Adam, Bree, and chase home he introduces Kelli to them.In season 3 kelli is currently 16,her best friend is Chase Davenport. Kelli and Chase have been friends since first sight.They look for each other, Leo thinks they've got something weird going on.She was brought to the family because her creator and family we're all Deceased.To this day know one knows what happened.She may still not feel like a Davenport but they family feels like she belongs.Chase has always tried his best to make her feel like that.

Appearance Edit

Height: 5ft

Weight: 112 lbs

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: brown

Ability's Edit

  • Super Smarts
  • Fleeting (Super Speed but faster, can glitch very badly)
  • reading minds
  • telekinesis
  • electrokinesis
  • invisibility
  • force field
  • Geo-leaping
  • shape shifting
  • Martial Arts
  • Bravery
  • Levitation
  • Override App
  • Mathematical Analysis
  • Enhanced Reflexes
  • Two Simultaneous Abilities

Romances Edit

Kelli isn't just another pretty face, but being a pretty face sometimes helped.She has had tons of guy's crush on her.One including Marcus even though he was an robot he really did like her.But she fought bravely to save her best friend's life in the bionic showdown.Marcus had a crush on her since they first meet in concert in a can.And Chase first fell in Crush, Chop, and Burn he later admitted it to her in you posted what !?!.

Quotes Edit

Chase: We don't have a Doggie Door.

Kelli: We don't have a doggie!

Kelli: Hey chase can a ask you a question?

Chase: Sure

Kelli: ever had the awkward moment where twins are fighting and one call's the other "Ugly"

Chase: Um... No?

Perry: You're a waste of space.

Bree: You're so rude.

Kelli: Yep, cause everyone wake's up to impress you. *sighs

Chase: You're best thing that has ever happened to me.

Kelli: They day I stop caring for you is the day Leo get's his driving license.

Chase: so never?

Leo: Hey I will get a license!

Adam: When I die want free wi-fi from my tomb so more people will see me.

Kelli: Ok just don't let anyone ever dull you're sparkle.

Chase about Hallie to a boy:She's my best friend, if you break her heart I'll break you're face.

Marcus:Ya know,We should do something

Kelli: I'm not hanging out with you ever again!

Marcus: Why not?

Kelli: You tried to Kill Me and The Davenports!

Marcus: Well I wouldn't say "Kill" More like terminate?

Kelli: What if I terminate you?

Marcus: is it that time of the month *flirtatious smile

Kelli: Shut up *use's heat vision and walk's away

Marcus: talk to ya later?

Gallery Edit

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