Kenna is a Witch hunter, she help's out Hansel and Gretel.She and Hansel are always partnered when they go in groups.Gretel takes Ben with her or she goes alone.Kenna is a very powerful/ skilled fighter.Though she may be little and pretty, she can kick butt.

Kenna Crepsley
Some attributes
First 5ft2
Second 29 years old
Third Brown Hair
Other attributes
Fourth Brown Eyes
Fifth Witch Hunter
Sixth Female


Kenna is like Hansel and Gretel, and orphan, her parents were killed by a witch. Leaving her alone.But Hansel and Gretel have grown to be her friends and kinda her family.


Kenna is from Ausburg.She grew up in a cabin that was in the town along a road.With her parents and her dog.Now she goes around as a witch Hunter for hire, she is currently in Transylvania, dealing with those problems.


Hansel : Hansel and Kenna get along very well.They work together a lot when the group splits up.Hans taught her a lot of fighting tactics. SEE Kensel

Gretel: Gretel and kenna are like sisters, they get along

but when it comes to work Kenna leans more towards Hansel as her partner. She trust's him with her life.


  • Rifle
  • Revolver
  • Wrist Cross Bow
  • Archery
  • Knife throwing
  • Advance fighting skills
  • Hand to hand combat
  • Enhanced speed "fliting when she was a baby a white witch gave her the power to flit.
  • Agility
  • Flexibility
  • Heightened senses
  • Super durability


Hansel: Transylvania? I don't want to deal with their Vampire problem

Kenna: Hansel? Remember what you always say?

Gretel: "More Witches more Money."

Hansel: Vampires aren't even in the freaking witch family

Kenna: Neither are trolls *rubs Hansel's shoulder

Vampires can be extra.

Kenna: Let's me deal with her *approaches witch and cracks knuckles.

Tell. Or you Die! Were is this stone you speak of?

Witch: Garnis..... Hecsel...

Kenna: * Grabs witch by throat.

What can they do?

Witch: Garnis block fire, Hecsel drain life. * witch snickers

Hecsel kill Witch hunter. Hansel, and Kenna witch hunters

Kenna: *throws witch down with a terrified look and she pulls Hansel to other side of room.

Hansel, i think they're going to shield themselves from fire and kill us.