Andi reed
Mockingjay poster by kim beurre lait-d6xnq0x
Some attributes
First 5ft3
Second Brown hair
Third Amber eyes
Other attributes
Fourth hero name:Speedy
Fifth Avenger
Sixth Friend of Rocket Racoon

Need For Speed.

Andi Reed aka Speedy is a superhero. She is now assigned with the task of helping the Avengers against a new threat that soon arrives.


Andi is from Earth City. She fought in space, helping the Guardians of the Galaxy. But now she's working New york. She now shares a Penthouse with Hawkeye aka Clint Barton.she engineered at Davenport industries.


Chris reed (father): Andi was and is a daddy's girl.She loves her father very much but sadly her parents are long gone.

Kelli reed: Andi wasn't as close to her mom as she was to her dad, but she loved her.


  • Changing skin color: Andi can change her skin color to weird colors such as pink as seen in the picture.
  • Super speed: Her main power, hint the name Speedy.
  • Super Intelligence: She is the smartest person on the planet and on the other planets.
  • Energy blast:She can use the energy offensively, to fire blasts of energy.
  • Enhanced Agility
  • leadership
  • Bravery
  • Molecularkinesis
  • Force field
  • Force field ball


Hawkeye: *shoots arrow at apple on Andi's head

Speedy: Ahhh!*apple falls off.

Iron man: *Set's new apple on Andi's head

Speedy: What is the lesson here?!?!

Thor: Building up trust

Hawkeye: I'm bored

Villain: *takes Andi's purse

Hulk: He took Andi's money!

Andi: that's right! Who's money? Andi's money! Who's money!?! Andi's money! It was all mine!

Tony Stark: And like my Face, this new suit is flawless

Andi: Forget the suit upgrade, this dude needs a mirror

Captain America: BURN!

Hulk: *pries open elevator

Black widow: What happened?

Hawkeye: the elevator panel fried.

captain America: How did you get out?

Speedy: *looks at Tony

I shimmied up the shaft and turned on the emergency switch while he cried.

Tony: I tried to coach her.


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