Repton and my O.C’s FanfictionEdit


Chapter 1Edit

Teen: [Walks around Bogaton lost] What is this place?

Repton: [Drives up to Teen] What are you doing here?!

Teen: I’m.... lost

Repton: I don’t care....

Teen: [Walks away] goodbye you little nuisance.

Repton: What did you say?!

Teen: You heard me!

Repton: [Throws his boomerang at him] ....

Teen: [Waves his hands and recurves to a tree and slices through it and returns back to Repton’s hands]

Repton: Wha?!

Teen: I’m the god of weather.... you can’t kill me.

Teen: Well have a good life [Walks away]

Repton: Wait you can help me!

Teen: With what!

Repton: Protecting my Terra....

Teen: Okay......

Repton: Thanks [Smiles]

Teen: No problem....

Repton: [Walks Teen back to his house]  Hmmm, I hope you like my idiotic brothers.

Leugey: [Tackles Teen] Don’t worry I got him.

Repton: [Facepalms] You idiot, he’s going to help us!

Leugey: Oh.... [Lets Teen go] sorry....

Spitz: With what?

Repton: Protecting our Terra from Cyclonis!

Teen: Who? 

Repton: She’s an evil, heartless little girl...

Teen: Sounds horrid.

Repton: Indeed.... 

Teen: [Swirls his hands in the air and creates a swirl of clouds over head]

Repton: Woah!

Teen: [Stops and the sky clears up] Thanks......

Repton: Can you do anything else?

Teen: I can do a lot more [creates a forcefield over Bogaton]

Repton: Excellent. 

Teen: This should protect your terra from Cyclonis and her cyclonian army.

Chapter 2Edit

Repton: [eating meat from an animal he killed] So Teen how old are you?

Teen: About 17 billion years old.

Repton: Dang! I’m only 35...

Teen: I was born in the chaos dimension long before existence was formed..

Repton: Interesting , what was it like?

Teen: Very unstable and chaotic.. 

Repton: Wow

Teen: About 1.2 billion years later existence formed and we all moved to it.

Repton: Very interesting

Spitz: Verah Intriesting 

Hoerk: Wait so you were born before existence came to be?

Teen: Yep

Cyclonis: This will not do at all! [sees the forcefield over Bogaton]

Dark Ace: Want to me to try to break it?

Cyclonis: Yes, I want to give whoever did this a piece of my mind!

Dark Ace: [Slashes the forcefield with energy beams from his crystal sword but it doesn’t do anything] Wow this is impossible to break!

Teen: [floats to them after noticing them] Can I help you with something?

Cyclonis: You did this?! [points her staff at Teen] 

Teen: Go ahead it won’t do anything..

Cyclonis: [Keeps shooting him but notices him absorbing it like nothing] What the?

Teen: See told ya.. [Gathers the energy he absorbed and blasts her with it and her motorbike gets destroyed and she falls but gets rescued by Dark Ace] See ya later [waves]

Cyclonis: Whatever I’ll get you for this, [whispers] but not after destroying the Storm Hawks.

Repton: Such power! 

Hoerk: Yes...

Teen: Thanks, if they come back I’ll defeat them again..

Repton: Yeah, they’re a real nuisance..

Teen: [swirls his hands in the air again and rain clouds swirl around in the sky making it rain] Meh, this place needs rainfall anyways

Repton: Wow thanks I like rain! 

Teen: it’s no problem, it’s my job to control the weather anyways. [notices a hurricane coming from the southwest from a sea] [It’s a 165 mph Category 5 hurricane] Wow such power and beauty [drags the hurricane so it misses them but they get the outer fringes of it] It should weaken soon, down to a storm by tomorrow.

Repton: Ok thanks.

Spitz: [sits out in the rain] Sssso relaxing.

Teen: [notices the wind speed at 43 mph, enough to be considered gale force] interesting 

- [the hurricane weakens to a tropical storm then a tropical depression to the northeast of them] - 

Teen: Well looks like Hurricane Arthur is now, Tropical Depression Arthur [laughs]

Repton: So... who’s your family?

Teen: Eh, I don’t really know...

Chapter 3Edit

Leugey: Let's have a party.

Hoerk: That's a great idea.

Teen: It's fine with me

Repton: Okay

Spitz: yeh leits trow a parteh

Teen: [dances] [plays in the end]

Repton: Nice

Teen: Thanks

Repton: No problem

Leugey: [stuffing his face with the party food like usual] 

Hoerk: Hey! Save some for us Leugey!

Spitz: Yiah!

Leugey: Sorry...

Teen: This song is awesome! Woo! [dances]

Repton: [sitting on the couch]

Teen: ....Repton I know what will cheer you up [smiles] [makes it rain outside]

Repton: Thanks

Teen: No problem.

Repton: This song is great in my opinion too.

Teen: Thanks

Repton: No problem.

- [They had a great party that night and Teen and Repton became best friends forever]-

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