Thanksgiving In BogatonEdit

  • Teen: Well, what are we going to do today? [waits a bit impatiently]
  • Repton: We're going to hunt for food! [says with a evil grin]
  • Hoerk: Uh boss? Don't we still have some meat left?
  • Repton: We did but Leugey ate it all.... [seems a bit annoyed]
  • Leugey: Sorry.... [he does a nervous laugh]
  • Teen: Well there's a wild boar right there. [shoots lightning at it and it drops dead] is that enough food?
  • Repton: For a few days maybe.
  • Teen: Okay.
  • Repton: [carries the dead boar back to his place] Hmmm.. [ties in it a rope and hangs it above a fire] Should be about 20 minutes.
  • Teen: Okay. [his stomach growls]
  • Hoerk: Okay boss.
  • Spitz: Ugh howsss much longer?
  • Repton: 10 minutes.. go do something in the mean time and stop bugging me!
  • Teen: Let's battle Spitz, it'll help pass the time. [draws out his katanas]
  • Spitz: [Draws out his crystal laser gun and shoots him with it a few times]
  • Teen: [Deflects the blasts away with his katanas and they hit a tree and disintegrate it]
  • Spitz: Awesssssome
  • Teen: Thanks and I think our meal is ready.
  • Spitz: Ok.
  • Leugey, Spitz, Hoerk, and Repton: [Tears into their meal]
  • Teen: [already ate it] Done.
  • All of the raptor brothers: Whaaa?

- TBC -

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