• Do you think enough time has passed for someone to regain bureaucrat status?

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    • Does somebody need to be promoted? Because that is really the only thing a bureaucrat can do that an admin cannot.

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    • More like a bunch of inactive administrators' problems if it's not a good enough reason then I'm sorry for wasting your time.

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    • The people that are here now mainly are just me and Hyper the others don't even come here and have not for a long time as I have learned from my mistakes as I am basically running this one with Hyper the others are hardly ever here and the problems have moved on as no one that is posted on the admin page but me and Hyper ever come here.

      The problems are no longer Merrystar at least make Hyper a b-crat you don't need to believe me but he is very reliable and knows exactly what he is doing.

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    • Given his recent spate of promotion/demotion of chatmods (apparently for users who are not actually on the wikia much if you are right), I don't see much evidence he would use bureaucrat rights responsibly.

      Furthermore, if there are only the two of you then there is little need to promote anybody else. That said I'm happy to help should you need to do so.

      I can help with demotion also if needed, but I will not re-promote these people later if I do so.

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    • Uh Merry I demoted them for inactivity plus jade told me to leave tessa

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    • I make mistakes too, yknow but fine whatever

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    • Merry he is the most responsible person i know and that is wrong coming from someone that is of staff mam as he has been nothing but helpful to me and others will come back but we will get new users as well here as the drama is gone.

      He is by far the most responible person i know Merry and for what you said that is just plan wrong and disrespectful I am sorry but your opinion about Hyper is wrong and as he said all the one are demoted that need be as he did it himself.

      You should take a great look at what you just said Merry and realize the mistake you just wrote as I have and you really have no right to say what you did to him when all he does is help me.

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    • Hypercane, Iris: I am sorry you were upset by what I said because I did not intend it that way at all.

      As admins, you guys are well within your rights to promote and demote chatmods whenever you want actually, although I doubt it's a good way to create a stable community if done very often. But I will always look at how any person uses their sysop rights when I consider the need/benefits of promoting a bureaucrat. And in this case I saw a similarity to how the bureaucrats were acting when I demoted them.

      When I spoke of using bureaucrat rights responsibly, I was referring to the previous continual promotions and demotions. I'm sure the people in question are all quite responsible in many other ways. In fact if I didn't think so, I would have removed admin rights or possibly blocked them as well.

      Getting back to the issue at hand, I am still at a loss for why you need bureaucrat rights in the first place. Hypercane - you have been barely active over the past few months and Iris says there is not anyone here to be promoted. I have already said I'm happy to help with demotions if that was why you wanted the rights; although it would be best if you set up a local policy on when you decide to call somebody "inactive" and remove their rights to make it consistent and fair.

      Once again, I do apologize if I upset you by my comments and I hope my explanation makes my original meaning more clear.

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    • 1st. The Promoting and Demoting is not happening as you can see if you have eyes Merry.

      2nd. Those people that either gave rights to others for no reason like Damon Salvatore173 do not come here and as for people that abuse there rights that is not here either as the person who did do that is not here either.

      3rd. Do not twist my words around I know what i said. I said there are not many people here "YET BUT THERE WILL BE" as for the ones we removed they are not here aka a useless admin not worth staying one if they do nothing.

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    • If your not going to give back at least me bcrat as I know how to handle them way better now then I ever have I am sure i can handle this wiki Merry.

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    • Hello. I am still a bit unclear on why you need the bureaucrat rights. You have sysop rights and can do whatever maintenance is needed. All bureaucrat rights do is allow you to promote or demote other users, and I don't see anybody here to be promoted right now.

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    • Because to truly promote the place i will need them and incase you have not noticed your lack of looking after it Merry someone had to revert damage done by someone with little to no life and i didn't see you changing it back. Some great Staffmember you are since i left this wiki to you sense you can't give back a basic right wow incase you haven't noticed I have the time to take care of this wiki but all you seem to do is let it collapse and let people damage the pages.

      ^ Nice job with Staff running the wiki huh.

      If your not going to give back bcrat then good luck updating the pages here by yourself Merry and good luck trying to locate people to help you as that won't work either you need to take a nice look in the mirror and see your screwed with a wiki that no one comes to because of the right gone. Well I don't think you have the information I have to update the page, you are truly not watching over this wiki because it's clear you let people trash it so the one person that needs to be gone from here is you and before you go give back the right since you can't figure out how to revert edits and to properly maintain this wiki.

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    • Also you will eat this wiki sense it's under your control you need to update the pages and look after the protection of every single page no matter how little is on it or how much is on it.

      Plus good Luck figuring out the story i had planned for this wiki as i am not telling you and you are the one in charge at this wiki Merry congrats you inherited a dead wiki with people damage pages and no story that you are going to have to guess on as I am not tell you a drop of information about the story as there is no reason to.

      So Sense you are taking this wiki over I guess that makes you Founder then Merry congrats you should close ot as no one will come here just to see a dead wiki have a great time figuring everything out and have a great life Ciao.

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    • I am not now and never have been in charge of this wikia.

      You and others have admin rights and thus the ability to do anything you wish to do here except promote/demote each other. You are in charge of the wikia.

      As I have said repeatedly, should the community decide to promote/demote other users to sysop then I can help; that is my only role here.

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    • You don't need a role here as there is no need for it of you are not going to do anything as I said i won't touch this wiki until at least I have bcrat so have a nice time with a dead wiki as you are to absent minded to do anything I will not touch this wiki the next time it gets vandalized as you are here so have a larger role on this wiki and clean it up you can do it.

      Also I have asked for this wiki to get closed but let me guess your the absent minded one that wants it up. Just get it through your head close this wiki as i don't want it open if everything is not here so it's up to you CLOSE THIS WIKI as no one knows what this wiki is about but me and i won't post it because you. So your choice Merry.

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