Kelli Atwood stared out into the farthest distance, watching the crowds.

"Chase!" Kelli yelled

Kelli heard a big crash in the Lab down stairs.

Kelli took the elevator, she was found a Dastardly surprise.

Douglas, Adam, Bree,and Chase Davenports real father had unlocked Adam and Chase new Bionic Ability's.

Adam and Chase were at war, Chase had his Laser Bo and Adam had his Pressurized Lung Capacity, which gives him super breath.

Kelli saw what see feared. Adam and Chase fighting.

Adam used his "Blow thingie." on Chase, Chase gripped his Laser Bo, he was getting blown away.

Chase got picked up by the air and thrown into the wall.

"STOP!" Kelli yelled

Kelli had a new ability too. ultrasonic scream.

It could Blast the normal ear drum out.




Kelli used her ultrasonic scream. Adam fell down and she rushed over to Chase.

"Chase, are you ok?" Kelli asked

"I'm fine." Chase said in pain.

Davenport and Douglas walked in

"What happened?" Davenport said in a furious voice

Kelli Explained.

Chase had fiber glass stuck in his Abdominal Muscles

Chase sat on the desk holding his shirt, Davenport looked around at the tweezers he had. His phone rang.


"Oh wait!"


"Ok, I'm coming."

"Chase I have a urgent meeting, Kelli," davenport said

"You will have to use these Tweezers to remove the Fiber glass out of Chases Ab's." Davenport instructed

"Why can't Douglas do this?" Kelli whined

"Chase trust you." Davenport said with a smile.

Kelli turned around to Chase, he laid on the table in pain.

Kelli grabbed the Tweezers.

"This may hurt." Kelli said with a smile.

Kelli plunged the Tweezers into his Abdominal Muscles.

"OW!" Chase yelled

Chase shrieked in pain.

Kelli looked at the glass

"A very sharp piece,"

"If you and Adam didn't but heads all the time this would of never happened." Kelli sighed

"Adam thinks he so much better than me!" Chase fussed

"Maybe he is!"

"You got jealous because you want to be the best at everything, You have Bionic ability s too ya know your always proud of yourself, take a day off." Kelli snapped

Pretty soon Sabrina showed up at the Lab

"Hi! Hi!" Sabrina giggled

"Black V-neck t-shirt, red pants, and black and white vans, with a side braid!" Sabrina giggled

"I like your style," Sabrina said to Kelli


Chase slid his shirt back on, Kelli had placed a bandage on the cuts.

"What happened?" Sabrina asked

"No need to talk about it." Chase said with a smile

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