Witch Hunters are Supernatural Hunters who hunt down there prey of choice which is Witches however they will kill other supernatural beings aswell but there main prey is witches. Due to being Bounty hunters they move around a lot and seem hence neither are too keen on making lasting relations with anyone they

meet, leading them to appear brusque and slightly off-putting to others. 
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Physical Atrributes:

these supernatural hunters are stronger then any Human but are not stronger then the supernatural species like vampires werewolves ect. once a hunter the indivitual gains increased muscle mass and durability. 

Witch Hunter


Peak Human accuracy: Witch Hunters are experts with weapons and can shoot varies weapons like crossbows and always hit there target with no training needed it is very rare you see a witch hunter miss.

Increased Human Agility: Witch Hunters have near perfect agility and can run Jump and move quicker then any human.

Increased Human Durability: Witch Hunters have stronger bones and tougher skin making it harder for them to be hurt.

Increased Human Endurance: Witch Hunters are able to take alot more punishment then Humans they can take being shot, stabbed Burned ect and if not fatally can keep going for awhile before stopping slowing down or passing out.

Increased Human Reflexes: Witch Hunters have increased human reflexes and can dodge gun shots, thrown objects and fight with Supernatural creatures which posses super speed however they cannot match up to older vampires and other such creatures

Peak Human Strength: Witch Hunters have strength that surpasses any Human they are not as strong as vampires or werewolves but can hold there own should it come to a fight.

Peak Human Speed: Witch Hunters are faster the any Human they are not faster then any other supernatural creature however they can take them by surprise if said creature is caught unawares

Increased Stamina: Witch Hunters have more stamina then any human and can last longer in fights and can continue to do strenuous activity's like running for longer then any human they do not contend with any other supernatural element.

Mind resistent: Witch Hunters are immune to any mind tricks from vampires and witches

Immunity To Evil Witchcraft: Hansel,Gretel, and Kenna famous witch Hunters are immune to witch craft.

Weapons Mastery: They are familiar to most weapons.


Mortality: Hunters are still human and can be killed in anyway a human can be 
  • Stake Shooting Gun (for Vampires and Witches)
  • Wood Bullets (Vampires)



Stake firing guns for Vampires and Witches

Wooden Bullets (for vampires)


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