Hansel and Kenna Crepsley walked around in the woods of Transylvania.They where looking for Talia DU zul, a powerful dark witch.

"Where is she?" Kenna asked

"Somewhere." Hansel threw his shotgun behind his back

"we've been walking for hours, I'm starting to get h-"

"shh." Hansel put his index finger on kenna's lips.

They heard twigs cracking and leaves blowing. Hansel slowly grabbed is gun and Kenna got out her Gun with a blade on it.

Then suddenly a Red blast of energy struck them down.

"You shouldn't of come here witch hunters." It was Talia She snickered and circled around Hansel and Kenna on her broom.She approached Kenna, Kenna stumbled and tried to crab walk back.

"Don't run away from me child!"

Talia used her magic to pick Kenna up from the throat and choked her, when she wasn't looking Hansel rolled over off the ground got out a knife and stabbed Talia

She shrieked and ran away into the forest. Hansel helped kenna up.

"Are you ok?" He asked

"Yeah." she said she pulled a bow and arrows out of a sack Hansel had.

"Let's get the witch."

They ran threw the forest Jumping over logs They caught up to Talia and Hansel grabbed on her broom.Talia saw and Flew higher.Kenna Grabbed Hansel's leg. they went up. Kenna reached into Hansel's jacket and on his back he had Darts filled with poison. She grabbed one and stuck the witch in the back.the witch fell of the broom.Hansel climbed on and he helped Kenna on.

When they got to the bottom Talia lay in the leaves.

"Is she dead?" Kenna asked

"I don't know." Hansel leaned down and the witch grabbed him and kissed him .

"God d-."

"Hansel!" kenna screamed

She grabbed Hansel's shot gun and shot the witch.She ran to Hansel and held his head

"Hansel?" she said crying.

"I'm I'm-" he tried to speak

"We need to get you to the pond it has healing ability's."

Kenna drug him to the pond and made him drink the water.

"I hope this work's" she said Giving him water.

he sat up groaning. Then a bird came towards Kenna

it transformed

It was the witch.

She dove into the water and took Kenna with her.Talia used her magic to throw Hansel on a tree.And she got under the water and tried to drown Kenna. Kenna. screamed but it was no use.

Hansel got him self unstuck from the tree and he grabbed one of Kenna's blades and stabbed the witch again, and again.The witch fell in the water and sank.Kenna sat up and spit up water. Hansel dragged her out the water and he hugged her rubbing her head

"Honey, I'm sorry." Hansel told her

"You're going to be ok." he said

Kenna buried her head in Hansel's chest.

"I.Hate.Witches." She said

"i do too." Hansel said smiling

"You look like S-."

"G rated language." kenna yelled

"Crap." He said

"You look like Crap."

"I know." Kenna got up and her and Hansel walked to the witches layer

"See anything that can help your investigation?" Kenna asked

"Nope, not yet." Hansel replied He turned around and saw that some under cleavage had been cut my the witch the cut went from the top to her collar bone

"You're cut." Hansel said pointing at the cut

"I'm ok."

"No, we have to clean it before you get an infection.I got some of that healing water." He got out a small bottle from his jacket

"I was saving it for me, but you need it." Hansel opened the bottle and put a drop on his finger. He had Kenna sit down.

Softly Hansel dabbed it on her

and tried to put it on again and kenna grabbed his arm

"I'm sorry, I just don't want to be touched there." she said

"I'm not going to hurt you" he replied

"you have no idea how uncomfortable this feels." Kenna told him

Hansel finished cleaning her

"All done." He said

"Now we must find something to help us on this case." Hansel got up and started going through stuff

kenna walked up and down the halls of the cabin.She found a spell book and picked it of the stand. A door appeared and opened.


"Hans, you might wanna see this." Hansel walked over

"What in the world." He grabbed a torch and they walked into the cave.


The walls where made out of skulls

"This isn't ordinary."

"Hansel, these aren't the skulls of any women, their all of men."

"Skeletons, all of these bone's are from Men."

"It look's like Talia had an obsession." Hansel added

"She came after us today, But i don't think she wanted us.... I think she wanted you." Kenna said

"we need this spell book." Hansel said taking it from her grasp. the door creaked open

"we also need to get out of here." Kenna said

Hansel and Kenna grabbed each others hand and ran out the back.Cyrus plopped in front of them.

"Hello Lovely's..." She said smiling at Hansel baring her teeth.

"Hansel, run.." Kenna whispered she squeezed Hansel's hand and he ran

"Come here scoundrel!" She flew after him

Kenna had taken Hansel's turret pistol and she shot at Cyrus. She turned around

"You, You're the little Parricide that Hansel loves.... HE"S MINE!" Cyrus flew to Kenna but Kenna dunked She tried to Shot again but it was out

"No,no." she sighed

Kenna shot her wrist cross bow at Cyrus. It struck her.Cyrus fell and pulled out the arrow

"DIE!" She screamed

Kenna Filted, she ran through the woods

"Hansel!" She screamed

Kenna fell and Cyrus flew and picked her up

"I'm going to drop you." She said

"Hansel is mine, not yours, your going to ble-"

Kenna bit Cyrus

"You... You're....."

" i know." Then Kenna pulled out a Hand-Cranked Taser.

Cyrus fall's bringing kenna with her.

kenna lands on Hansel. She picks her head up and see's him

"Kenna, are you ok?" he asks

"Better than ever!" She hug's him

and them she feel's something around her neck, choking her.

It was Cyrus. she had emerged from the water and used her powers o choke Kenna.

"Stop!" Hansel pulls out a rope with sharp edges on it

"No you don't." Cyrus throws him and uses her magic to tie him to a tree

"You're handsome, I think I'll play with you later." She said

"now for you." Cyrus shows her claws and try's to scratch Kenna but a bullet hits her.

It's Gretel.

"Put her down. or else I'm going to shoot out your throat."

Cyrus charged towards Gretel but Gretel Shoot's Her

" I hated you."


Later that night Hansel and Gretel burned Cyrus to make sure she was dead.

"you took a beating." he said

"I know, I'm never going to die anyways."


"My father was a v-."

"I don't care, I'm just happy your alive." Hansel leaned in and kissed Kenna

Kenna put her hand behind his head, then she got up and walked outside

"what's wrong?" Hansel asked

"Every man I have ever loved has died, what happens when you die?" Kenna said between tears.

"Honey, what do you mean?"

"I'm bad luck."

"No, you're not, I have to say, You;re Brave,Beautiful, and Bold." Hansel hugged her

"I don't want to fall in love."

Hansel smiled at her

"Then we won't fall, we'll let gravity do it's thing."

"We need to get back, and go to sleep." Hansel headed back to the pub and Kenna sat on a bench and she looked up at the moon.

"How can something so wrong feel so right?" Kenna went back to the pub Hansel, Gretel, and Kenna went back to their cabin that they were staying in.

In the cabin there was two beds, Gretel had the first, and Kenna had the second, Hansel slept on the floor between the two.

In the middle of the night Kenna heard footsteps in the house. She got up and went to Hansel she reached in his jacket that was on a table for his shotgun. Kenna was still him her white shirt, green corset, Leather jacket, pants, and boots from earlier that day.She walked around the house with the gun. and she saw it.

A witch

In the house

It charged for her but she dunked, Kenna shot the witch in the back

"HANSEL!" She screamed at the top of her lungs

"Hansel isn't coming for you my dear, You're a Lovely little thing, You'll taste Great." the witch licked her lips

Hansel got up and ran to the room Kenna was in

"Kenna!" Hansel aimed a rifle at the witch But the witch picked up Kenna and locked her arm around kenna's neck

"drop it." The witch said in a snake like voice

"DROP IT!" Hansel dropped the rifle

"Good boy."

"Hansel don't let her hurt me.." Kenna said between tears

"I won't she's not going to hurt you."

"WHy tell such a LIE?" he witch yelled

Gretel was behind the witch with her cross bow

"he's not lying." Gretel said the witch dropped Kenna and turned around and hit Gretel, Hansel picked up his shotgun and shot the witch.

Hansel, Gretel, and Kenna rolled the witch into a chair

"Garnis, Hecsel." she says

Hansel leaned against and wall and slowly sank down.

"This Job. Never get's easier."

"Let me deal with her" kenna approaches the witch and cracks her knuckles.

"Tell. Or you Die! Were is this stone you speak of?"

"Garnis..... Hecsel..."

Kenna Grabs the witch by the throat.

"What can they do?"

"Garnis block fire, Hecsel drain life" the witch snickers and looks at Hansel.

"Hecsel kill Witch hunter. Hansel, and Kenna witch hunters" she says

Kenna throws witch down with a terrified look and she pulls Hansel to other side of room.

"Hansel, i think they're going to shield themselves from fire and kill us."

Hansel walks over to the witch

"Why did you come here?' Hansel asked the witch

"to take that girl." The forest witch pointed to Kenna

Hansel shoved her against the wall

"WHY?" he yelled

"If we take her, you follow, you love her.If she disappears you follow, we kill you both, Love make you weak."

"Burn her." Hansel said leaving the room

Gretel and Kenna burned the witch. When they got inside Hansel was gone

"Where's my brother?" Gretel asked

"My guess, the pub."

kenna walked to the pub and saw Hansel

"Hansel." She murmured

"Hey Kenna," he said

"I'm sorry i just had to get out there, that witch got to me." Hansel said.

Kenna picked up Hansel's cup and drank

"That's ok."

they smiled at each other and some guy yelled at them


Hansel pulled put his pistol and shot the guys cup and put a hole through it. Hansel and Kenna got up and walked out.

"So everyone thinks the witch Hunters are dating?" Kenna asked

"Yeah, but we're not, we just have a messed up relationship."

The Next day Hansel, Gretel, and Kenna had to travel solo. They were looking for a witch that was in charge of making chemicals.

"where are you?" Kenna was looking around, Hansel gave her a spare shotgun so she had that out. Kenna came across a cottage, when she opened the door the witch had a necklace in a pot, it was a heart, and it glowed green.

"Hands up!" Kenna yelled

the witch put her hands up and dunked the pot over. The green stuff filled the air, Hansel came behind her

"Kenna!" he yelled from outside

"You Have to get out there!"

"That's a love potion, it makes one feel strong emotions!And lose track out time!" Kenna charged out of the cottage and the witch behind her. The witch threw the potion on Hansel.

"Hansel!" Kenna screamed

Ten Gretel came out of the bushes and shot an arrow at the witch. It hit Kenna, and she fell on Hansel.

"no, no." Gretel ran up to the witch and pulled out a pistol she shot, and shot, again, and again. She hot the witch.And she tied her to a tree.

Gretel looked behind her. Hansel was soaking with a love potion, he looked like he was on cloud nine as he played with Kenna's hair. Kenna however, was curled up on Hansel with her head on his chest knocked out from the arrow.

"Oh boy,"

"come on Love birds, well love bird and Kenna." Gretel pulled the arrow out of Kenna, kenna moved alittlee but still renamed asleep on Hansel.

Gretel just shook her head, she walked to a pond to get water, she got a pail form the witches house and dumped the water on Hansel and Kenna.

"What the h- what was that for!?" Hansel asked

"You got soaked with a love potion, and Kenna got hit with and arrow and fell on you, she's still out."

Hansel stood up and picked up Kenna in his arms. He carried her on the way to the house,

"we should of checked her house." Hansel said

"Yes but Kenna needs to rest." Gretel said looking at Kenna, Gretel pushed some hair out of Kenna's face.

"She's very pretty." Gretel said

"I always look beat up." she added

"We all do." Hansel scratched his head.

Hansel smirked

"What" Gretel asked

"Nothing" He said

On the way home Kenna woke up. She ached, as he eyes opened she could see the forest, and behind Hansel, she turned her head and could she her head was rested on Hansel's shoulder.

"Han-Han-sel." She said softly

"Kenna," Hansel said he set her down near a tree stump. He moved her bangs out of her face

"What happened? i feel funky."

"Yeah, you got hit by an arrow."

"By a what!?!?!"

"An arrow, but that really isn't that bad, the witch soaked me with a love potion." Hansel told Kenna as he helped her up.

"Whose arrow was it?"

Hansel smirked and pointed to his sister

"Gretel!" Kenna yelled

"I missed!" Gretel threw her hands up and she walked through the woods back to the house

"So," Hansel said

"I think you got so of that potion on you."

"What makes you think that?" Kenna asked

"Look at your vest, It has burn marks,the Potion burned your vest."

Kenna looked down at her vest.

"Oh my."

"Why did it do that? Kenna asked Hansel with a worried looked

"I have no idea." Hansel said back.

Kenna walked towards Hansel and hugged him

"Thank you, so much for dealing with me." Kenna told him.

When they got him Kenna looked at her weapons,

"I need a new weapon, something that get's the job done and it's easy to carry."

"What about a Hatchet?" Gretel asked

"Well, where is she going to get one?" Hansel asked

"Crepsley Hatchet..." Kenna mumbled

"My Grandfather Larten Crepsley, he used a Hatchet against the vampanieze."

"Where is it?" Hansel asked rushing to her

"In his Castle, in the woods." Kenna rushed to get her leather Jacket

"we have to go." She grabbed a scythe and carried it out

"You're Crazy!" Gretel told Kenna as she followed her with a crossbow

They walked into the woods

"We've walked for hours" Hansel wined

"awww, He's pretty." a voice from the trees said A girl jumped down

"I'm Calista Guinevere Radomir, and i do believe that i own that boy." She pointed her long finger names and Hansel.

She charged at Hansel and kenna swung the scythe and hit Calista.

"RUN!" They ran to the castle

"Inside!" Kenna yelled she slammed the door and they all caught their breathe.

"where are we?" Gretel asked

"Crepsley castle." Kenna looked up and around at the beautiful interior

"aren't you worried that Calista will barg in?" Hansel asked

"Vampires can't come in unless they're invited." Kenna walked up the stairs

"It's so beautiful." Kenna walked up the golden stairs, and peeked out the window

"Oh god..."

'What is it?" Hansel ran up to her

"Calista is still here." Kenna walked around a little and found a study

"Hey Hansel! check this out!" She picked up a book and flipped to a bookmarked page

"Witches and witch hunting." Kenna read, she looked behind her at Hansel and smiled.

Kenna sighed

"Do you ever regret kissing me?"

"No.As a matter of fact, i wish i could do it more often without it getting in the way of our partnership."

"Me too, But i did really enjoy it." Kenna put the book back and she turned to Hansel

Hansel stepped towards her and kiss her softly on the lips. He wrapped his arms around her waist and she pet her hands on the back of his neck.

"I love you." Hansel said between kisses

Calista was outside the window

she screeched

Hansel and Kenna turned around

"I.CAN.STILL.SEE.YOU!" She screamed

kenna charged out the room

"kenna!' Hansel called after her

'We need to find that Hatchet." Kenna ran down the hall in ti a room with a red door

she opened it to find larten Crepsley's room

kenna slowly walked in, in the back of the room was his coffin.

Kenna walked over to the coffin, touching the smooth wood, the coffin opened raveling a cup holder, and the red velvet lining.At the back of the coffin in the left corner was a string.

"Hansel!" Kenna yelled

"What did you find?" Hansel walked down the hall in to Crepsley's room.

"Do you see the string over there?" Kenna pointed to it

"yeah, what about it?"

"I can't reach it, can you reach it?" She asked

"yes I can." Hansel reached t it and pulled it.

The padding of the coffin lifted up showing a door with weapons and a wooden box

"he sleep over his weapons, probably so they can't be used against him. They dug threw the weapons, he had crossbows and knifes and a few guns.

"Gretel!" Hansel yelled

"What?" She came down the hall

"I'll be." she said as she looked at the weapons

"Perfect!" Gretel found some arrows for her crossbow.

'What's in the box?" She asked as she filled a bag with arrows

"I have no idea." Kenna picked up the box and she dusted it off it showed a picture of he r family tree.And as soon as she touched it the box carved her picture into it's self.

Kenna opened the box and yanked off the white cloth. The Hatchet revealed it's self.

"It's the hatchet." Gretel said

"It can be used to kill any mythical being." Hansel said

"But why a vampire had it, is a mystery." kenna added

The Hatchet looked old and rugged, it had a few blood stains on it, underneath the Hatchet in the box was a re vest.

"What is that?" Gretel asked

"I don't know, but i say we keep it." Kenna told Gretel

"How are we going to to kill Calista?" Hansel asked

"We can wait here until morning."

"Find a room, I'll take the one with the bed against the wall that's next door to the study room ." kenna walked down the hall into the bedroom, she lay her bag off stuff on the bed and sat down.

"I'm taking the room right across the hall, If you need anything." Hansel told her, he stood in the door way

Kenna slid off her boots.and walked towards Hansel

"What's wrong?" she asked

"I don't feel comfortable leaving you two alone with Calista out there."

"Gretel is fine." kenna assured Hansel she messed with his hair

"Get some sleep." Kenna smiled and closed the door.

kenna stretched and took of her black corset and her leather jacket.

She lay down on the bed in the covers.

kenna stared at the ceiling

"What a daring reckless life i live." She told herself, Kenna sat u and rubbed her head, she peered out the window. She could see Calista talking to a clocked girl

'What the?" Kenna got up form the bed and walked to Gretel's room

"Gretel!" she whispered

"what?" Gretel replied back half asleep.

"Calista is talking to someone in a clock."

Gretel got up and walked With Kenna to her room.

"see?" kenna pointed out the window

"Who is that girl?"

Calista pointed to the Castle at Kenna's window and then she mouthed the words across the hall.

"Kenna, go check out Hansel."

"Ok!" Kenna ran across the hall and opened the door

meanwhile Gretel looked behind her and back to the window the clocked girl was gone

Kenna still in Hansel's room saw the clocked girl on the window ledge with Hansel in her arms

"No!" Kenna screamed the girl jumped and leaped out the castle

"She's got him! the girl has Hansel!' Kenna screamed

Kenna and Gretel were out the house back in there jackets corsets and boots, Kenna had the Hatchet in a brown leather belt the had a holster for the Hatchet

"Stop!" Gretel yelled after Calista and the clocked girl

Calista filtted

"Wha- di- you just see that?" Gretel was speechless

"She can flit, so can I." Kenna said

"Get on my back, and hold your breath." Gretel got on Kenna's back and they flitted following Calista and the other girl as the runaway with Hansel.

the clocked girl turned around and she used fire out off her hand to burn the trees, Gretel shot her corss bow after the girl but they disappeared.

"what are we going to do?" Kenna asked

Meanwhile Calista and the clocked girl tied Hansel to a chair in a hideout

"Thank you servant." Calista told the girl

Calista looked at Hansel

then she took a finger nail and stabbed it in Hansel's neck

"Ow!" he yelped

Calista tasted the blood

"You're blood, it's so good." Calista licked her lips

"You'll do nicely." She smiled and got up leaving him alone

Meanwhile Kenna and Gretel walked through the woods

"We need to find him, I fear what they'll do to him."

"He's my brother, He's my only family." Gretel said

Kenna saw a light from a house

"over there." Kenna got out her Hatchet ready to strike

they got to the house and she kicked down the door, it was dim in the room

Then suddenly the door slammed and the fire girl appeared

"You." Kenna said coldly as raised the Hatchet

"Calista has big plans for you're little friend." the girl smiled

"I'm the fire witch." the girl created a fire ball using her hands and shot it at Gretel

Kenna threw that hatchet at her,it cut the witch and she screamed.

Kenna could hear Hansel yell her name form the basement

"Hansel!" she yelled back

kenna Grabbed the Hatchet and hit the witches arm, she ran to the basement leaving Gretel upstairs

"han-" Calista hit Kenna in the forehead with a shovel

Kenna got up up and cut Calista with a knife, Calista fell, kenna ran to Hansel untied him. Hansel got his shot gun and shot Calista.

"Hansel." Kenna said she hugged him

Calista stood up and had a gun on Kenna's back

"Move away or the little girl dies." Calista told Hansel

Hansel let Kenna go and backed away slowly. Calista got her fingernail out and poked Kenna in the neck and tasted her blood

"yummy, You're blood is sweet like sugar.!" Calista told Kenna

"I think I'll have you for desert." Calista ushered Kenna to the stove, this brought back many back memories in Hansel, without thinking he picked up his shot gun and shot Calista. He ran over and picked Kenna up carrying her in his arms.

Calista grabbed his ankle and he fell.

"Hansel!" Kenna screamed Kenna kicked Calista in the face and took Hansel's hand, they an up the stairs and Gretel was up

"Let's go!" she yelled

Calista filtted up the stairs and bit Kenna, the Kenna turned around and stuck a silver stake in Calista.

"Stop...Just please stop." Calista said

"No, I'm going to let you die." Kenna turned the Stake in Calista and Calista fell. Kenna took the stake with her.

The three walked in the woods

"We need to tell the mayor." Gretel said

Gretel ran ahead of Hansel and Kenna, they stayed behind

Hansel grabbed Kenna's hand.

"well, we have to go back to Augsburg, and sleep in a cold house." Hansel said smiling

"Cold? You came over in the middle of the night and cuddled with me." Kenna said

"Why was that so bad?" hansel asked

"I couldn't turn over," "You had a tight grip on me." She told him

"Of course, i didn't want anyone to come in and get you." Hansel said

Kenna walked closer to Hansel and she kissed his cheek. hansel put his arm around her

"You're always going to be mine, and mine only." Hansel told Kenna as he hugged her

"Yah know what bug's me?"

"What is that love?" Hansel asked Kenna

"We're never going to have kids." kenna replied softly

"yeah, but it's best we don't even try.Not with this life we have." Hansel told her, both of them are very touchy about having kids, because they know they can't.

Hansel and Kenna got home and they packed up, Kenna, Hansel, and Gretel left to go back to Augsburg, to continue hunting. Hansel stood in the market and monitored the people while kenna shopped

"Is that your girl?" A Man asked he was in royal clothing

"and you are?"

"Prince Gomez!" The man cheered he flexed his arms

"all of the ladies love a prince." He smiled at Hansel

"You best watch her." he said pointing over at the group of men starring at Kenna

Hansel gave the men the death glare and they all ran.

"so, they are all not worthy of her, yet a rugged bad boy like you is?What type of life are you giving her?"

"If there anything she wants, that you two can't have?"

"Will you shut up?' Hansel asked

But, he did think about what Gomez said, how can they not be worthy yet Hansel is? hansel looked over and caught the Sheriff watching Kenna in the market, hansel caught him starring at her butt.

"Hey!" Hansel yelled

"What do YOU want?" the sheriff asked

"Don't go there, don't look or you'll have to deal with me." Hansel let him off with a warning

"excess me? You don't tell me what to d-" Hansel punched the sheriff

"Insolent boy." The sheriff yelled

the sheriff got his Hands around Hansel's neck and tried to strangle him, Kenna ran over and knock the sheriff out.

"What is wrong with you?" Kenna said hugging Hansel, she was still worried

"I'm just trying to protect you." Hansel said he cupped his hands around Kenna's face

"You're to beautiful, and I don't want to loose you." Hansel let go of Kenna and walked away.

"Hansel," Kenna grabbed his arm "I wanna talk to you." Kenna smiled

"So, after spending like 3 weeks in Transylvania, we're back here making more lasting impressions" Kenna told Hansel, hansel just walked ahead and left Kenna.

"what's wrong with him?" Kenna whispered to herself

Kenna just walked away and he Prince stopped her

"You're Kenna, no?"

"Yes, I'm Kenna."

Gomez smiled and put a strand of hair behind her ear

"Do you want to be my princess?" he asked

Kenna took his hand and flipped him over on the ground.

"No." she said walking away

Kenna walked into the forest,she looked around. and sat on a stump. This area is where Hansel saved her. Kenna heard leave crunch and she sat up.

"Who's there?" she asked and from behind a witch grabbed her

"No!" she screamed, the witch tried o pull her away, but Kenna took out her Pistol and shot the witch. Kenna ran into the thick trees the witch was behind her and Kenna filted running into town.

The witch followed her, and in broad daylight in the town the witch stood looking at her. Kenna was quick to take action.

Kenna got out a knife and threw it at the witch, it cut her and Kenna could see Hansel in the pub siting down watching. Kenna looked over and the witch charged pining her to the ground. Hansel got up and ran out the pub and stood watching

"Hansel!!!!!!" kenna screamed

Hansel ran to the witch and threw her off.he picked up a Braille and hit the witch over the head with it.She fell to the ground. Kenna got out her Hatchet and cut the witches head off.

hansel and Kenna high fived each other.

"She didn't stand a chance." Kenna said

"Like old times." Hansel smiled

"Why did she come after you?"

"I was in the woods, i was siting were you saved me where we first met."

"why were you in the woods alone?" Hansel asked

"Well, you obviously where in the pub, trying to get drunk to take something off you mind."

"I can take care of myself." Kenna said

"it isn't easy loving you and being your partner." Hansel said

"But we need to find out why they want you." Hansel told Kenna

Hansel,Kenna, and Gretel went to the mayor.

"many people have a weird feeling about a house in the middle of the woods." The mayor said

"we don't know much about it." he sighed

Hansel, Kenna, Gretel, and ben moved into the woods.

"Not very many times that we have been in a group." Kenna said

"While we're in Augsburg I'm teaching ben." Gretel said

"if we break up into two groups we can find the witch faster."

"As usual, I'm taking Kenna." Hansel said

"you always take her." ben complained

"Ben, when you save my life, I'll go with you." Kenna said

"She doesn't care that Hansel saved her life dose she?"

"No, she doesn't." Gretel walked west and ben followed

Kenna and Hansel walked east. Hansel walked closer to Kenna and held her hand.

"So, are we back to lovers?" Kenna asked

Hansel held Kenna close and Kissed her

"I guess so." he said smiling

Hansel proceeded to kiss Kenna. but Kenna saw the house

"Hansel wait." she said leaning away from him

"the house." she pointed at the witches lair

Kenna and Hansel hid behind a rock

"I can see her, mixing stuff." Kenna said

Meanwhile on the inside the witch mixed and brewed potions.

"Oh yes, the Pretty girl is here, Evanora will be pleased." the witch smiled

"What do we do?" Kenna asked Hansel behind the rock

"Well, we can go through there an-"

Kenna ran up to the house and hid underneath the window.

Hansel got a worried look on his face. Kenna stood up and had her gun in the window of the witches lair on the back of the witches head

"Move." Kenna said

The witch grabbed the gun and threw it over he shoulder and hit Kenna. Hansel stood up and shot the witch.

The witch threw black powder in Kenna's face as she tried to get up


"KENNA!" Hansel yelled the witch tried to knock him over back charged but he picked her up and threw her on the ground and he tazed her. and tied her to a tree and punched her in the gut


Gretel and ben found them, Gretel handled the witch and Hansel carried Kenna.

Kenna woke up on Hansel's bed buried underneath a blanket

"She's awake." ben said

"Kenna are you ok?" Gretel asked

'I feel funny...." Kenna lifted a strand of her hair and saw it was black

"What the heck?" Kenna said

"What th- Hansel! Get in here!"

"What?" Hansel saw her hair

"Oh my god." Hansel sat next to her

"We need to get her to a doctor." Hansel said

he got his leather coat and wrapped her in it, he carried her outside to the doctor.

Everyone stared at Hansel and started whispering

"We're going to make it, i promise Kenna." Hansel told Kenna

he ran to the doctor

"doctor we need your help." Hansel told him

"What is it?" the doctor asked

"Kenna, she has changed her hair and her eyes." Hansel said

"How interesting."

"Come on Kenna." the doctor ushered her to the room.

"I don't know what's wrong with her." Hansel fretted

The doctor came out the room with a weird look on his face

"What's wrong?" Hansel asked

the doctor never spoke

"Speak!" hansel yelled

"She appears to be turning into a witch." the doctor sated

Hansel fell against the wall

Meanwhile in the room Kenna was changing

"What?" she said as her clothes changed she was now in a dark pink skirt and a black corset top.

Kenna crawled to the door and peaked out she could see Hansel and Gretel talking to the doctor

Then it spread to her brain turning her into a witch.

Kenna used her magic and shot a fire ball at the door and it burned

"Hello." She said standing there generating energy in her hand she shot Hansel and knock him down Gretel charged at her but Kenna dunked and kicked her stomach. Gretel fell and Kenna emerged outside.

She stood in front of Hansel looking at him. and she bent down and put her hand on his neck and picked him up.

"You're a pretty boy, aren't you?" she said

"kenna, listen to me, this isn't you." he said

Something in Kenna's brain changed her eyes turned brown again and she let hansel go

"hansel?" she said in a soft voice

and then her eyes turned blue again and she continued to beat hm up. she swung her fist and punched him in the back. Hansel flipped her over, and he crossed her hands over and held them tight so she couldn't hit him.

Kenna kicked him and he fell over.

"Ok, that hurt..." he mumbled

"You Move, You Die." a girl said she had her cross bow on Kenna's back.

Kenna swiftly turned around broke the cross bow and hit the girl. Hansel got up and held Kenna from behind trying to get her to stop moving

"Kenna, please" He said

Kenna stepped on his foot and she ran into the forest, Hansel sat with tears staring to fill his eyes.

he helped the girl up

"Are you okay?" Hansel asked the girl

"Yes, I is very very fine." She said she spoke in a weird accent.

"My my," she said "You have beautiful eyes!"

"Thanks." Hansel told her, he let the girl go and walked to Gretel

"We need to find someone who can help us get back my, I mean our Kenna."

Meanwhile Kenna was in the forest and she saw Evanora

"Don't run." Evanora told her.

"Take this." Evanora threw a wand at Kenna

"Use this to kill Hansel." Evanora said smiling

"So what will we be doing?" She asked Evanora

"We will meet up with my sisters and take down Hansel and Gretel." Evanora grinned

"Can we spare hansel?' Kenna asked

Evanora had green lighting form around her hands and than she calmed down

"Do you still love him?" She asked

"a little..." Kenna said

Evanora turned around and talked to herself

"Meryl!" Evanora screamed

Meryl appeared from behind a branch and Evanora asked to speak with her alone

"You, go run along!" Evanora told kenna

Evanora and Meryl walked

"The potion isn't strong enough." Evanora fussed "She still loves that Hansel." Evanora said

" I will work on it." Meryl said

"How is she suppose to kill him when she loves him!?!?!" Evanora yelled

"I will work on it..." Meryl said

"What are you doing!?! Start!" Evanora yelled

Meryl ran along and out of nowhere Hansel appeared

"Let her go!" He yelled at Evanora with he gun aimed at her

"If it isn't the famous and wickedly Handsome, Hansel." Evanora smiled

"Kenna!" She yelled for Kenna

"Yes?" Kenna came behind Hansel and she held a knife to his back

"Drop it." She said

Kenna threw Hansel on the ground and sat on him

Her eyes changed color and she whispered

"I know what stone you can have a witch make to help me."

"It's called Teazlewood."

"A witch!?!? how can they help."

"Meryl, isn't evil" Kenna said

She kissed Hansel's lip's

"There's a monster in me and i can only come out for a little bit or control it." She kissed Hansel again

"You need to run, and find that stone."

"Now get up, pick me up with you and I'll pretend to fight back and throw me on the ground." Kenna said

Hansel did as she told him to and he ran

"What happened!?" Evanora yelled

"He threw me on the ground, at first i had him pinned." Kenna said and her eyes turned back to Blue

Hansel ran farther into the woods and back into the town and he found a cart for minerals and stones

"Do you have any Teazlewood?" he asked

"Teazelwood?" the vender said

"what do you it for boy?"

"he needs it because he needs it." Sirin said fro behind Hansel

"I can go accent less." Sirin said

Sirin payed for the stone and Smiled at Hansel

"So your lady friend needs to be turned back to a hunter?" She asked

"Yes, how do you know Kenna?" Hansel asked

"I have seen her around a lot." Sirin said she playfully twisted her hair

"Umm, ok" Hansel walked off

"Why do all the hot ones have to be so dumb?" Sirin chased Hansel and hansel walked faster

"I can tell you hate Kenna, and can you please go away?" Hansel asked

Hansel walked into Gretel and his cottage in town

"I saw Kenna, and she told me she can control her witch side a little, and she said that Teazelwood can change her back, except, a witch has to Brew it." Hansel said

"A witch? We hunt Witches!" Gretel exclaimed

"We can get Meryl, the witch that turned her to do it." Hansel said

So Hansel and Gretel set out in the forest to find Meryl.

"I hope Kenna's ok." Hansel said

"Me too,"Gretel sighed "You care A lot about her, don't you?" Gretel asked

"She is my World." hansel said

"And sometimes, i feel like I'm not right for her, Most likely We can never get married and Have kids. r just have kids, we can't." Hansel sighed

"I think that she seems happy with an awesome guy like you." Gretel smiled

"and I'm grateful too." Hansel said

Meryl was in a tree and jumped on Gretel.

Gretel tried to shake her off, and Hansel held his gun on Meryl's head

"MERYL!" He yelled

Meryl turned around and stood up

"Yes.." she said

"You know Kenna Crepsley, right?" hansel asked


"I need you to use this Teazelwood to make a potion to turn her back to a hunter and I just might spare your life." hansel said

Meryl worked on the Teazelwood

Evanora. entered with Kenna and another witch.

"Meryl!" Evanora yelled

Evanora looked at hansel and Gretel

" Let me introduce you to Hansel"

"He's cute" The witch said

" responsible for over 600 deaths!"" Evanora yelled

The witch gasped

"Kenna," "kill him" Evanora said

Meryl threw the potion on Kenna

Kenna dropped to the ground.

Gretel shot an arrow at Evanora and the witch.

it ht the witch and she fell.

Evanora hit Gretel with her lighting fingers.

"Kenna," Hansel said

Kenna turned back into a witch, she was back in her brown boots, black pants, blouse, and dark green leather jacket.

"Hansel," Kenna said

kenna felt a arrow on the back of her head.

"back, Away form him." a voice said

Kenna stood up holding Hansel's hands and she let go and turned around

it was Sirin

"Sirin, i thought you were a hunter."

"All of you are fools." Sirin said smiling

Kenna grabbed a knife out of her jacket and cut Sirin in the gut with it and flipped her over onto the ground.

"NOOOOOOOOO!!" Sirin screamed holding her hand and seeing all of the blood.

Sirin lay on the floor

Hansel held his shotgun on her head

"You move you die." he said

"I'm already dead." Sirin said, Sirin elbowed his stomach and threw the gun, she kicked Hansel in the gut.

Hansel's watch went off, every hour or so he has to inject medicine in his leg, he has the sugar sickness, if he doesn't take the medicine he could die.

Sirin took the Epipen and picked it up Hansel lay on the ground


Kenna couldn't watch, she got out her Revolver for the holster and shot Sirin, in the head

Kenna grabbed the Epipen and stabbed it into Hansel's leg.

Kenna dropped down

"I hate you." Kenna said smiling

"You look so bad." Hansel replied

"I know." Kenna said

Hansel helped Kenna up

"You..." Evanora stood up a approached Hansel, she used her magic and slammed him on the wall and shocked Kenna and Gretel.

"I HATE YOU!!!!!!" Evanora screamed

she choked hansel

Kenna tried to stand but she fell again and she looked up, she saw Hansel getting beaten.

"STOP!!" Kenna shrieked

blood dripped from Kenna's nose, eyebrow, and mouth.

"Don't kill him." Kenna whined

Evanora threw Hansel on the floor

and Beat him

she cut his arm, and punched him rapidly

Kenna got Hansel's shotgun and stood up Evanora stood up and turned around

Kenna shot her in the chest.

Kenna walked to Hansel and sat next to him she cried and played with his hair. She put her head on his chest and sobbed.

"no," Kenna cried "Please no."

Kenna warped her arms around Hansel's neck and held his head against her chest and cried

she felt a hand on her back and she could see Gretel standing next to a stove crying in her sleeve.

Kenna heard a cough and she pulled Hansel away and she saw a blank look on his face

"You're tears are going to get me soaked." He said

"Hansel!" Kenna said in a UN-happy voice

she hit his arm

"I though you were dead!" kenna said

Gretel came over and helped Hansel up

"You scared us!" Gretel said

Hansel pulled them close and group hugged them.

"I'm sorry," he said "I love you guys and I'm sorry i scared you." he said

Evanora stood up and grew green lighting in her fingers

"Kenna, now you die!" Evanora screamed

Evanora shot the bolt at kenna

kenna blasted through the wall and fell in the woods

She quickly stood up

she reached in her green jacket and pulled out a curved blade machete. It was small but it might save her.

Kenna threw the blade and it hit Evanora in the shoulder

Evanora turned into the witch that had attacked Kenna, when her and Hansel had first met.

"Oh no," kenna said

Kenna stumbled back

"Remember me? Hansel had to save you."

Hansel was behind the witch in the house

"You can do it! give it one more try! You're not alone!" hansel yelled

"Think about the easy way out!' He shouted

Kenna charged at the witch and grabbed her by the waist and flipped her.

Kenna pinned her on the ground

"Hurry!" she yelled

Hansel and Gretel ran out Hansel shot the witch in the arm, she stood up and Hansel shot her torso, the witch fell.

Kenna looked up at Hansel and Gretel

Hansel grabbed her and hugged her tight

"It's okay, we all get over childhood trauma."

Kenna and Hansel and Gretel walked to the mayors office where he handed them a letter

"What is this?" Gretel asked opening the red seal.

"It's a letter form he mayor of a village in Transylvania sent it," the mayor said "You will be going back to work with Van Helsing, and Anna valerious, something has come up." the mayor said

"And it's pays how much?" Hansel asked

Kenna softly hit the back of his head

"Ow! it was a question!" he stated

"It pays 100,00 per week." the mayor said

"OK, let's get our things." hansel said he grabbed Kenna's arm and left

"Let the know we're coming." Gretel said


Witch Hunting 2

Hansel, Kenna, and Gretel rode in a horse drawn wagon.Kenna was asleep, her head rested on Hansel's shoulder.The Carriage hit a bump and woke up Kenna.

She yawned

"Where are we?" Kenna asked

"In the town on our way to meet Van Helsing and Anna." Hansel said

it was snowing, Kenna peered out the window and shivered,she curled up next to Hansel and he wrapped his arm around her.

"They're looking at us funny." Gretel said

"They must not like outsiders." Gretel slumped back in to the seat

Kenna Heard a shrill Shriek from outside

"What was that?"

the carriage stopped

Kenna opened the door and peered

Van Helsing stood there

"leave your things," he said "We have to move."

Van Helsing helped Kenna, and Gretel out

Kenna and Hansel looked up at the sky

"What are those?" Hansel asked

"Vampires, they can turn into bats, Dracula's brides can." Kenna said

a bat swooped down and grabbed Kenna

"Let me go!" kenna moved

"Dracula needs a new bride! You will be perfect!" The bat hissed

Gretel grabbed Kenna's crossbow and shot at the bat and Hansel used Gretel's bow, and van helsing shot as well

one arrow hit kenna.

The bat dropped her and kenna fell

faster and faster.

"KENNA!" Hansel screamed

Kenna fell on a roof of a building hanging on by one hand.

Kenna got a grappling hook out and shot it at another roof closer to the ground.

She swung towards the building and landed safely

"Give me that bow." Kenna told Gretel

Gretel threw the bow and Kenna caught it

Kenna shot the bat it hit her in the wings

Hansel sot his shot gun at the bat.

his shot hit her in the heart and the bat exploded

"dang" Hansel said he looked as the pieces fell to the ground

"You'll find them to be a problem." a voice said

It was Anna

"I'm Anna."


"I'm Gretel"

"I'm Kenna"

"let's head to the castle" van helsing said

They got in the carriage

hansel and Van helsing rode in the front, and all of the girls inside.

"So, how to you best kill a witch?' Ann asked

Kenna popped her head out the window

"hansel, how do you bets kill a witch?" Kenna asked

"Set her on fire, burn em' all." Hansel replied

Kenna rolled up the window. and smiled

"Are you and Hansel married?" Anna asked

"nope, I'm also not so sure we date each other." Kenna told Anna

"They have a weird relationship." Gretel said

Kenna opened the door and climbed up to the front of the carriage.

"You might want to get back it." van Helsing said looking up

"Why?" Kenna asked

"This is Vampire territory." Van helsing said

"Let the men deal with it." He told her

Kenna got a Peeved look on her face

Hansel saw her facial expression

"Ya, know what" he said "I'm getting cold, how bout we get back inside." Hansel said

"Come on love." he said and disappeared in the carriage.

Kenna threw a knife at the sky, it cut a apple from a tree.

It fell down with the knife and Kenna caught it.

She bit the apple giving Van Helsing a icy stare and went in.

Hansel helped her in.

Later that night they reached the Castle

"Gather round!" Van helsing yelled

Kenna, hansel, Anna, and Gretel gathered around

"Dracula has a ball tonight." He said

"We are going,"

"Get dressed and get ready, Hansel, bring whatever you can." Van Helsing said

"Don't tell us what to do." Kenna said

"You have a better plan?" he asked

"Yes," kenna said

"Anna, you can be bate, were something a bit seducing."

"Hansel, you can stay around. Dance with me for a little bit."

"Gretel, bring your bow, and stay alert."

"And Van, do what you do best."

Kenna walked off to get ready.

Anna wore a red and orange dress with a deep v.

and Kenna wore a dress that look's like Katnisses tribute dress in catching fire.

At the dance Anna walked around and Dracula approached her.

"Lost?" he asked

"No," Anna walked away and found Gretel

Kenna was in the middle of the ballroom

she looked up and found Hansel watching over her from the top floor.

Kenna walked pass Dracula and bumped in to him

"Sorry lov-"

"Are you lost?" He asked and he smiled

Kenna gulped and looked up

Hansel nodded at her

"Yes," kenna said

"May i have this dance?" Dracula asked

Hansel cam down the steps and walked to Kenna

"There you are." He said

Hansel grabbed Kenna's arm

Who are you" Dracula asked

"he's my boyfriend"

Hansel had on a black mask so you couldn't tell it was him.

they walked off to the top where no one was

"I need to change." Kenna said

Hansel handed her a bag of clothes

inside was a pair of black pants, black boots, a white blouse and a red coat with a red hat with a red mask fo rthe party.

"Go." Hansel said

Kenna rushed to the bathroom and changed

she threw the bag out of the window with the dress.

and came out. She looked as if she came back from oz. As Theodora.

Evanora's sister.

Hansel and Kenna had learned about her and about oz.

"You look ravishing." a vampire said to her on the way out

Kenna smiled and found Hansel

"Come back here." The vampire said glaring it's teeth

he saw Hansel and Van helsing

the Vampire tried to attack but Kenna stuck a stake in his gut before her could attack they threw is body out the window.

"Am I going to have to protect you from guys of all kinds just to keep you mine?" hansel asked

"Maybe. Kenna walked to the stairs

"Come dance with me!" Kenna said

Hansel dropped his gun next to Gretel she was up on the top with him and Van Helsing

Anna was downstairs dancing with Dracula.

Hansel held Kenna's hand.

They stopped in the side of the room

Hansel wrapped his arm's around Kenna's waist and they danced.

"This is so scary," Kenna said

"What's scary?" Hansel asked

"All of the vampires, they are looking at us."

Hansel held Kenna tighter and Kissed her.

They danced the Devil's waltz.

Hansel spun Kenna around and then dipped her down.

Kenna could see Van Helsing on the balcony waving for them to come.

Hansel and Kenna stopped dancing and ran up the balcony

"Let's go." He said Van helsing grabbed a rope that the trapeze artist used and swung across the ballroom back and forth.


Dracula had Anna dipped down he ran his fingers threw her hair.

"ready?" Kenna asked Hansel

"Yes." Hansel smiled

Hansel aimed his gun at a vampire and shot their skull and he Vampire fell over.

Attention drew to the balcony

Anna ran up the stairs.

and joined Van Helsing, Hansel, kenna and Gretel.

Gretel wasn't wearing her dress, she was back in her black leather coat with fur around the neck, her black boots and black pants.With her hair up in that famous braid.

The vampires turned, they got pale and showed their fangs.

"Let's go!" Van Helsing yelled

The Vampires charged at the stairs, Everyone ran.

Hansel and Kenna held hands as they ran.

Gretel had a ball with a sun on it, she clicked the button and threw it. Everyone crashed threw the window, A big fiery burst of light, lit the whole castle, causing all of the Vampire to burn.

The window from which they had jumped out leads to a river.

They fell in the river

Anna was going downstream faster.

"ANNA!" Van helsing screamed he paddled faster to get to her.

"Van Helsing!" Anna screamed back.


"GRETEL!" Hansel screamed

Gretel was on the land and Hansel was pulled away farther, and she couldn't help him.

Kenna floated next to Hansel

He Grabbed her waist and held onto a rock

"Kenna grabbed on the rock too

"How are we going to get out?" Kenna asked

"I don't know."

Hansel's timer went of, he has sugar sickness and if he doesn't inject himself with medicine he could die.

Hansel looked at Kenna.

"I don't care if i die," Kenna said "I'm saving you."

Kenna went under the water and grabbed the shot, Kenna could feel his weight falling on her, his grip on the rock was losing.

Kenna ejected the shot in his leg.

Kenna let go of Hansel's leg, she was unable to bring her head above the water, and something pulled her up.

It was one of Dracula's brides

"Risking yourself to save a rugged bad boy?" the bat asked

Hansel let go of the rock and swam to Kenna

"You would make the perfect bride for Dracula, he need's a new one." The bat said

Kenna grabbed a gun out of the Holster on her leg and shot the bat in it's heart.

The bride dropped her and Hansel in the water caught Kenna

The bride exploded into dust.

"hansel," Kenna hugged Hansel, she had his head rested on her shoulder

Her words seemed to have vanished.

"OK, let's get out of here." Hansel said

Hansel helped Kenna up on the grass

Kenna coughed and caught her breathe and she turned around to help hansel up.

"Give me your hands." She said shivering

Kenna took Hansel's arm and wrapped the around her neck, she grabbed his waist and hosted him up.

Hansel stood up and started ti walk, he had his arm around Kenna, she was shivering.

"Take this." hansel took his long black leather jacket off and Handed it to Kenna

"You're freezing, put it on." He said

Kenna put the coat on

"Thanks." She smiled at Hansel and they proceed to walk.

Gretel was behind them she ran to them calling out their names.

"Where's Anna and van Helsing?" Gretel asked

"I don't know." Kenna answered

Kenna walked in front.

They walked down the hill and Saw Van Helsing and Anna drenched.

Anna saw Kenna in Hansel's jacket.Anna looked at Van Helsing and frowned.

"Well, at least Dracula was killed in that mess." Van helsing said

Van Helsing held up Dracula's choker.

"It was that easy?" Kenna asked with a surprised look on her face.

"Yes," van helsing said "You can return back to your home." He said

Van helsing walked away and Anna caught up

"Dracula's dead?" Anna asked

"No," Van Helsing said

"He's still alive."

"Then why must they leave?" Anna asked

"I Did some research on Kenna," van Helsing said

"She's apart of the Crepsley family." he continued.

"So that means.." Anna said

"her grandfather is Larten Crepsley."

THE NEXT DAY Anna walked to the market with Hansel.

"So," Anna said as Hansel looked at some produce

"have you always been in love with Kenna?" Anna asked

Hansel turned around

"No," he said "before i met Kenna, i was in love with a white witch, her name was Mina. But Mina was killed bu a grand high witch." Hansel explained

"Oh," Anna said

"Kenna is a much better fighter for sure." Hansel said

Hansel noticed Everyone looked to the streets

There was a girl in armor with a huntsman

The girl had skin as white as fresh snow

"Who is that?" hansel asked

"Snow white."

"She's a hunter, she killed the evil queen over in Tabor." Anna said

A girl in a Red long cape stood next to hansel

"She is quite pretty, too bad she hides it in the suite of armor." The girl said

The girl held hands with a lumber jack

"I'm Valerie." she said with a smile

"And that is?" Hansel asked Anna

"red riding hood." Anna said

Kenna approached Hansel.

"Hey Hans." Kenna said

"So the pub is serving up some pumpkin pie," Kenna said "Wanna go?"

Hansel's eyes drifted across the street he saw a woman that looked like Mina, she wore the same outfit Mina had worn the day she had died.

The girl smiled and She threw an apple up in the air and caught it, she took a bite out of it.

"Hansel?" Kenna asked

Hansel's attention was drawn back on kenna


"yeah, umm, go ahead and go over to the pub,I'll meet you there." Hansel patted Kenna's back

"Ok." Kenna walked to the Pub

Hansel went over to the girl.

"Hello Hansel." The girl smiled and hugged him

"Mina?" he asked

"yes!" Mina smiled

"I'm alive! I don't know how but I am." Mina smiled and tried to Kiss Hansel

but he pulled away

"Hansel!" Mina yelled,

she smacked his shoulder.

"Mina, you're suppose to be dead, and I'm in love with someone, and it's more than When i loved you." Hansel said

Mina's faced turned cold

"You mean that joke?!" Mina pointed to Kenna in the door, Kenna and Anna were holding mug's and toasting.

Hansel walked off

"Hansel, I've changed." Mina said

"I don't care." Hansel said

he walked up to the pub.

"Hey Hans." Kenna said with a welcoming smile

"Hey," Hansel took Kenna's mug and drank from it.

"What's wrong?" Kenna asked

"Nothing." hansel said

"No, Hansel, you're my friend, my partner, and the love of my life," Kenna said "I know you better than that."

"Anna, can you leave?" hansel asked

"Sure." Anna said

she got up and left.

"When before i met you, i was in love with a white witch, named Mina. She's back.. from the dead." hansel said

"She's back?" Kenna asked

"That's impossible."

"I know." Hansel said

"And now, she wants to get back with me." He said

Hansel set the mug on the table and proceeded to pick it up but kenna stopped him,

"No need to drink your feelings away .Y"o


Kenna held Hansel's hand

"I'm going to go get you some food." Kenna smiled at Hansel.

Kenna leaned over and kissed Hansel's cheek.

Hansel looked out the window and seen Mina.

Kenna came back with some Chicken on a plate along with some Garlic Bread.

"Here ya go." Kenna said as she set the food on the table

"Thanks." Hansel cut the chicken and ate a piece

Kenna got up and moved over to sit next to Hansel.

and suddenly a man came in the tavern

and started to say

"She's coming..." The man said he was dizzy and sick

"Who's coming?" Hansel asked

"Bellatrix," The man said "Bellatrix Lestrange."

Hansel turned his head around and saw snow falling, it was strange because it was November.

"Kenna" He said


Kenna turned her head and looked out the window a woman with crazy hair was walking and everyone stared

The woman saw Hansel and Kenna and picked up a wagon using her mind and threw it at the window

"DUCK!" Hansel yelled

He threw Kenna on the floor, they laid on the floor next to each other.

Hansel wrapped his coat around Kenna and closed it, that way he was wearing the coat and she was inside the coat with her face shielded from the glass shards.

Glass shards fell

and from Hansel's point of view everything was in slow motion.

A piece of glass had fell and and the Helix of his ear was cut.

Bellatrix came in the tavern

"I'm looking for Hansel and Kenna." she said

She waved her wand around and a big cloud of Green lighting bolts gathered up.

She shot them at the ceiling.


Hansel UN-zipped his coat

"Come on." He whispered

Hansel and Kenna crawled to the door. in the back

Bellatrix saw them crawling

"You." Bellatrix said

"Stand up." She said

Kenna looked at Hansel with fear in her eyes.

Hansel took her hand and they slowly stood up and turned around

Bellatrix giggled and showed her yellow teeth.

"You!" Bellatrix giggled

"You're Kenna" She said approaching Kenna and Hansel "And you." Bellatrix said

"You're Hansel!" She said

Bellatrix's face turned cold

"Witch hunters." She said

"And in love." She continued

Bellatrix used her magic to paralyze Kenna.

Kenna fell to the floor and couldn't get back up.

"EVERYONE OUT!!!!" Bellatrix screamed

Kenna struggled to get up but her legs wouldn't work.

Bellatrix approached Kenna

She picked Kenna up and held a knife to her neck.

Hansel stood watching her as he was thrown by a wall.

"Which one of you wants to die first?" Bellatrix asked

Suddenly a sword was on Bellatrix's back

"Drop the girl."

It was Anna

"Anna Valerious." Bellatrix said

Kenna swiftly got out of the Head lock and took Bellatrix's blade and stabbed her stomach.

The spell on Hansel was lifted, he fell of the wall and on the ground.

Bellatrix shot Anna against the wall

Hansel swiped his shot gun of his back and shot Bellatrix 2 times.

Bellatrix fell.

Kenna had her Revolver aimed at Bellatrix's head

Bella casted a spell and she disappeared.

"She got away!" Anna yelled

Kenna fell down again

"Stupid witch." Kenna said Standing up

"Paralysis spell," Kenna said "That's clever."

"Where in the world is Bellatrix from anyway?" Hansel asked

"She is from an different world," Anna said

"Where she is from doesn't matter." Kenna said

"We need to get rid of her," Hansel said

Kenna stepped out the tavern, they seen Snow white on her horse

"What happened here?" She asked

"No need for you to worry." Kenna said

Snow white got off her horse and towered over Kenna

"I do worry."

Her boyfriend the Huntsman came up with her.

Hansel came over and stood in front of Kenna

"Sorry Princess, this is our case." he said

The huntsman swung his Axe and stuck it in the ground

"Wanna say that again?" he said with a grin

"This is none of your concern." He said

"Let's go!" the huntsman yelled

He led Snow Whites horse back up to their castle.

Hansel turned around and wrapped his arms around Kenna.

"Kennie," he said "Don't make enemies." he said

Hansel kissed Kenna.

He let her go and they walked to a market and they walked in the market.

"We need to find out what's going on with Bellatrix." Hansel said

He picked up an outfit for a little girl.

"I wonder if we could bate her." he said

"She may be too smart for that," Kenna said

"What dose she want with us?" Hansel asked

"Perhaps she hates love." A voice sated

Kenna and Hansel turned around.

"I'm Valerie." The girl said

"Nice to meet you Valerie." Kenna shook Valerie's Hand

"You two are obviously in love." Valerie said

"Where are you from Valerie?" Kenna asked

"the small village of Daggerhorn." Valerie said

"So, That means your," kenna said

"red riding hood,"

"Yes." Valerie said

"So she wants to kill us because we're in love." Hansel said

he looked at Kenna. He had a worried look in his eye.

"What are we going to do?" Kenna asked Hansel

"I, I... I don't know."

Later that day Hansel Kenna, and Gretel were walking through the woods.

"Don't these witches ever learn?" Kenna asked

"Never." Gretel said

"Well, their stupidity, dose earn us money." Hansel said

There was a rustle through the leaves

"What was that?" Kenna asked

A big black wolf appeared.

And it spoke.

"YooU Shouldn't of coome here.." the wolf growled

"Bellatrix?" Kenna asked

"NO! Stupid girl..." the Wold growled and barred it's fangs

The wolf walked towards Gretel

"Back!" Gretel said

she aimed her Crossbow at the wolfs heart

"Silvver" The wolf said

Hansel put his arm out and pushed Kenna behind him. He stood in front of her and had his gun aimed at the wolf

"Ah," The wolf said "Signs of protection..." he continued

"Don't. Even. Think. About. It" Hansel said

"I won't hurt the girl." the wolf said

"But I will." Bellatrix said from behind a bush

She came out with her long finger nails pointed ta Kenna licking her lips.

"What do you want from me?" Kenna asked

"Nothing much really." Bellatrix said

"I plan on growing a demon of some sort in you." Bellatrix said

Bellatrix waved her wand

"But i need DNA from the father."

Bellatrix casted the spell

it cut Hansel's cheek and Bella mixed the blood with another spell and casted it on kenna

Kenna was thrown and she hit the ground

her stomach moved

kenna shrieked in pain.

Hansel Shot the wolf

his bullets where silver so the wolf howled in pain.

It laid down

Gretel shot arrows at Bellatrix.

Bellatrix casted a spell and froze Gretel.

"I'll be back when my baby is born." Bella said

and she disappeared

Gretel unfroze and her arrow hit a tree and knocked off the bark.

Kenna's stomach grew. She looked 12 weeks Pregnant.

"We need to get her to the church." Hansel said

"Van Helsing and Anna have a friend named Carl. He's a monk." Hansel said

Hansel cut off Kenna's corset allowing her stomach to stick out.

Kenna was wearing a white blouse like Theodora's from Oz.

Carl saw Hansel carrying Kenna to the church

Anna and Van Helsing where with Carl.

"Well, it's official." Carl said

"Hansel's an idiot."

Carl came down the steps

"What did you do now?" he asked

"Nothing." Hansel proceeded to walk in the church as he stepped on the first sep with Kenna

her stomach burned

"Watch it!" Carl said

"What happened?" Van helsing asked

"Bellatrix casted a spell on me." Kenna said

"She's growing a demon in me."

"So Hansel didn't do anything?" Carl asked

Gretel looked at Hansel

"Nothing that I'm aware of." Gretel gave Hansel the look.

"I'm innocent."

"sure." Carl said

"Is this really the time to talk about me!?!" Hansel fussed

"Talk about me every other moment than this!" He continued

"Look," Anna said "Her stomach."

Kenna now looked 37 weeks Pregnant

"Demon child's coming." Carl said

"What I can do is give her some herbs and put a cross on her stomach and say a few verses to kill the demon." Carl said

"Then do it!" Van Helsing yelled at Carl

Hansel looked at Kenna

kenna was laying down on the ground n the snow

"So," hansel said

"What dose demon Pregnancy feel like?" Hansel asked

"Terrible." Kenna said

Carl came out with the herbs

"Drink this." he said

Hansel helped Kenna sit up and she drank it

"Now lay down." Carl instructed her.

Carl laid the Cross on Kenna's stomach

It burned a little.

Carl said a few verses and kenna started Screaming.

Hansel held her head.

Finally her stomach went down.

Carl killed it.

Outside the church grounds stood the wolf. And a girl, she had cracked skin, like a broken doll. With black Demons eyes

She wore a a white corset just a corset, with a long black skirt

She saw Kenna's stomach

"YOU KILLED IT!" she screamed she ran to Carl ready to attack

but her foot set on fire as soon as she touched church grounds.

"Demon's can't come on church grounds." Carl said '

"Wolf whose idea was it to kill the baby?" the demon asked

The wolf snarled

"Hansel's." the wolf said

The demon set foot closer to the church

"Well then.." she said


The demon charged at Hansel

she ran on the grounds

she was on fire.

She threw Hansel off the ground and she threw Kenna at Hansel

Hansel proceeded to Stand up but Kenna was thrown at him.Kenna hit hansel and hit caught her.

Hansel lost his balance and fell with kenna in his arms.

The wolf came at Kenna and tried to bite her arm

Kenna picked the wolf up and threw him on the ground.

She held him down with one arm.

Kenna reached in her cherry red leather jacket

"Say Cheese." She said

and she shined a light in the wolfs eyes.

It was a blinding light. That momentarily blinded a creature.

Kenna stuck a silver stake in the wolf and killed it.


The demon kicked Hansel in the gut and knocked him down.

She tried to bite him with her array of sharp fangs.Kenna came over and tapped the demon

the demon turned around and Kenna swung her arm with mighty power.And knocked some of the sharp teeth out of her mouth.

The demon fell on the ground Kenna turned it over and rapidly punched it's gut

the demon spit up blood.

"NEVER" Kenna said with a punch

"TOUCH" with another punch

"MY" Kenna said with a pig punch

"FRIEND" Kenna took out her axe

"Hansel," She said holding up the axe

"Yes?" Hansel asked

"Want to do the honor?" Kenna asked him


Hansel came over and looked at the demon

"NOW!!" kenna yelled

Hansel put his foot down on the axe and the demons head popped off.

Kenna stood up and swung the axe in a circle and put it in it's holster.

"This job isn't easy." Hansel said

"Sometimes i wonder," Hansel said

"Bout' what?" Kenna asked

"If I should work at the local pub back in Augsburg." Hansel said

"And I should of been a princess." Kenna said with a smile

"You look like one."

Hansel and Kenna hugged.

"What now?" Kenna asked

"I finish you off" Bellatrix said from behind them.

Kenna got her Revolver out of her holster and shot Bella.

Bellatrix shot lighting at Kenna.

But Kenna dodged it, she bent backwards and fell the lighting hit a gargoyle on the church at it fell.

Everyone evacuated the church screaming.

Suddenly a Female Gargoyle emerged from the top of the church.

She stood at the height of 5ft11 an inch taller than Hansel.

"You!" The Gargoyle said to Bellatrix

"What!?!" Bellatrix giggled

"You have brought evil to the church,"

"You will now join the Gargoyle prison."

The Witch casted a spell on the Gargoyle and froze her.

"Now," Bellatrix said licking her lips

"Just you and me." Bellatrix smiled at Kenna

Bellatrix used magic to throw hansel into the pub. and she set the pub on fire

"HANSEL!!!!!!!!" Kenna screamed

"Hansel's no more." Bellatrix said with a grin

"You Psychotic Killer!" Kenna yelled

she charged at Bellatrix with a Hatchet

Bellatrix picked Kenna up and flipped her over.

Bellatrix held Kenna's arm behind her back and cut words into Kenna's arm.

Kenna shrieked in pain.

She looked at the frozen Gargoyle. Anna, car, Gretel, and Van helsing.


And she looked over at the burned down pub.

The wood burned and ashy.

She thought of how Hansel had looked at her.

The worlds started to go black.

Kenna looked at her arm the words carved in where

"Hansel's dead now."

Tears crept out of Kenna's eyes.

her heart dropped.




and father.

"Just kill me." Kenna said with tears swelling up in her eyes.

Bellatrix raised her dagger. She stuck it in Kenna's leg

Bellatrix got up and smiled at Kenna

"I'm planning something far more bigger,"

"No one will miss you when you die." Bellatrix giggled and disappeared.

The world was still frozen.

Kenna got up, she limped over to the pub.

She fighted her way through the rubble.

She saw Hansel's hand, he was buried under a beam.

Kenna moved the beam and saw Hansel's face covered in soot.

Kenna dusted some soot of his face and kissed his cheek.

Kenna fished a dagger out her pocket

She thought to herself "What would happen if I cut? Will hansel awake?"

Kenna thought about outcomes

"Who am I kidding," Kenna thought "But, I can try to bring him back."

Kenna reached in Hansel's coat, she grabbed out a hand Cranked taser.

Kenna cranked it up and tried to revive Hansel.

Hansel's body shook

And at last. Kenna did it.

Hansel's eyes opened

"wha- what are you doing?" Hansel asked

Kenna hugged Hansel.

"You, you." Kenna said

"You were dead." she mumbled

Suddenly Everything started again. Everyone was unfrozen.

Hansel saw Kenna's arm.he grabbed her arm and saw the writing.

"Who did this too you?" he asked in a stern voice

"I'm fine."

"Who did this too you?"

"I'm o-"

"Who. did. This. Too. you?" he asked

kenna rested her head on Hansel's shoulder

he wrapped his arms around her.

"Honey, I'm sorry." He said

Gretel, Anna, and Carl ran to help out Kenna and Hansel.

Kenna started limping out of the pub, Hansel saw the cut on her leg, where Bellatrix stabbed her.

The people of the town stared at Hansel and Kenna coming out of the pub.

Hansel helped Kenna walk, she was limping.They heard the remarks the crowd made,

"They should of died, then evil would disappear." One woman said

"Kenna's Beautiful, Hansel doesn't deserve her." A boy said

Later that night

Kenna was laying in her bed, starring at the moonlight. Next to her laid Hansel, He held her close. Hansel had vowed that he would always protect her.

Kenna tried to get up, but his arm was tightly wrapped around her waist.And trying to get Hansel to let go was like trying to pry a rail road spike out of the ground.

"Hansel," Kenna whispered

"What?" Hansel answered

"Can you loosen your grip?" Keen asked

"Sure." Hansel loosened on his grip a tad bit.

Kenna lay her head back on the pillow

It was snowing outside. Gretel was freezing

"You're so lucky." Gretel smiled at Kenna

"I know." Kenna chuckled

Hansel smiled at Kenna,

"Nice and toasty." he said

"It is strange that it's snowing and it's November." Hansel said

"It's pretty though," Gretel said

"The thing I hate most about this life is we always have to be serious." Gretel sighed

"I wish we had time off" She continued.

"Me too." Hansel joined in

"Well, we need to sleep."

"Good night ladies." Hansel told them

Hansel turned over and closed his eyes, quickly realizing that he let Kenna go. So he turned back around and held her once again.

The next morning thing's changed. Hansel, Kenna, and Gretel were on their morning hunt. But Kenna and Gretel traveled together.

"So," Gretel said as they walked through the woods.

"What happened? When we were frozen?" She asked

"Bellatrix said that she was planning something bigger." Kenna sighed

"She wants to kill me." She told Gretel

Off in the distance Kenna heard gunshots

"He's got her," Gretel said

She hit Kenna's shoulder

"Let's move!"

Kenna and Gretel raced through the thick timber.

Kenna saw an array of tree's she shot them and ran up to one knocked it over and run up the top of the long old trunk. A move Hansel had taught her.

Kenna dodged the trees she came to an open space and saw Hansel up in a tree.

"She's no joke." He said

"You need help?" Kenna asked looking up in the tree

"Nah." he said

Hansel had twigs in his hair. he tried to pull up and get out the tree. But the fact we was upside didn't play a role as a very helpful factor.

Hansel wiggled to try to get out

"Mother -"


Hansel fell out the tree he hit 2 branches and landed on his stomach

"Hi," He said

"help me."

Kenna helped Hansel up.

A Samurai girl appeared she had her sword drawn

Gretel had her crossbow up

"She your name before my arrows rip out your throat." Gretel said

"Shu Hai." The samurai said

Kenna had a shotgun. Like Hansel's it was strapped her back.

But instead Kenna pulled out her Revolver. It was Van Helsing's. Well, It wasn't really his. she let him use it.

The samurai came a Kenna

Gretel's arrows were blocked by Shu's hard armor.

Shu picked Kenna up by her waist and threw her on the ground

Shu tried to stab Kenna with the sword but Kenna dodged her attack. Kenna sucker punched Shu.

Kenna shot Shu's face the bullet when into her cheek

Hansel came behind Shu and wrapped a rope around her neck.

Shu elbowed him and kicked Gretel down.

Shu wrapped the rope around Hansel's legs and tied him to Gretel.

Shu ran.

Kenna pulled a Gun out of her Green leather jacket.

The gun was a grappling hook gun.

Kenna shot Shu's waist and the hook went in.

Kenna tied the other end onto her belt and the witch started to fly on her broom.

Kenna was dragged through the woods.

Kenna got to a stop were two tree's where spread apart with the right amount of space for Kenna to spread her legs and put her feet on the trunks to stop the witch. The witch slammed into a tree and fell.

Hansel caught up to Kenna.

"Nice moves." He said

Hansel helped her up.

"Thanks." She said dusting off her face.

Hansel held the witch by her collar.

Kenna came over and knocked Hansel down she held the witch by the throat

"What do you know about Bellatrix's plan's?" Kenna said

"Nothing." The samurai smiled

"I come here from Hako." Shu said

"Burn me." Shu said with a whole new facial expression.

"My family," She said

"Is gone, forever." Shu frowned

"I'm not bad."she said

Hansel checked Shu,

"She bears no sigh's." Hansel said

Kenna let go of her

"Flee," she said


Shu got up and ran.

Kenna, Hansel and Gretel made their way back to town. Everyone was gathered by the church. Prince Elvyn sat at the top of the church waving

"AS YOU ALL KNOW." The Prince yelled

"Today, I shall chose my wife." He said

"She will be the most unexpected choice." he continued

"She is strong beautiful, and Courageous." He said

"You're new Princess is."

The Prince was ready to announce when a girl yelled.

"WOLF!" A black wolf appeared

He was big and strong

Van Helsing shot it.

"Continue by all means." Helsing said

Hansel held Kenna's Hand and smiled at her.

"Kenna Crepsley!" The Prince announced

Everyone turned and saw Hansel and Kenna holding hands

They all gasped.

At the top of the church the Prince order the guards

"Get that Scoundrel from my Princess." The Prince ordered

The guards ran form the top of the church they toke Hansel away from Kenna. They Pulled and Pried him away.

"Stop!" Kenna yelled

Kenna tried to pull to Hansel and The guards held her back

"My love" The Prince said

"Don't fight." He said

"People of the town, your new Princess!" The Prince pointed to Kenna everyone clapped

The Prince toke Kenna in the castle

"Welcome my love." he greeted her.

"I'm not your love." Kenna said sternly.

"Well, just put this on, you must look Princess like." The Prince threw Kenna a baby blue, with a corset a red cape with a hood and black boots.

Kenna put it on and stared out the window of her room

"So," Kenna said to herself

"This is my life." Kenna ran her fingers on the bed spread.

Kenna ran out of her room and got on her horse.

She rode it down to the town

Everyone looked at her. They people bowed even Hansel bowed.

Kenna got off her horse.She tied it to a post and walked to Hansel.

She hugged him.

"It's only been1 hour and you miss me already." Hansel said holding her

"I don't want this." Kenna said with tears in her eyes.

"The Prince thinks you're a Scoundrel. And i shouldn't be near you." Kenna said

"The castle can keep you warm this winter." Hansel said

The guards came to Kenna.

Kenna picked up the guard and flipped him on the ground

"I'm talking to him!" She yelled

"I'm not even from here," Kenna said

"We don't even live here." She continued

"I got to go Princess." Hansel said

He strapped his Shot gun on his back and Proceeded to walk away.

"Hansel!" Kenna yelled

"You can't just walk away." Hansel walked across the street

Kenna tackled him he fell on his back and she sat on him to keep his from getting up.

"Don't leave me." Kenna said

"I don't love that stupid stuck up Prince." Kenna told Hansel with a small smile on her face

"I love you."

"I can escape at night." She explained to Hansel

"I don't have time for this." Hansel fussed

He tried to sit up but Kenna pinned him on the ground.

"Get the money, Get Gretel and our stuff." Kenna instructed him

"And at night meet me in the streets."

Kenna got up and so did Hansel

Hansel hugged Kenna

"I love you." Kenna said with a smile

Hansel kissed Kenna.

"Get away from the Princess ya Rouge!" An old woman yelled

She hit Hansel with a cane.

Hansel walked off, giving Kenna a flirtatious smile.

Kenna smiled back

The old woman hit Kenna with the cane

"What's a beautiful girl like you doing with a scoundrel like him?"

"I am like him." Kenna said

"I'm a Scoundrel," Kenna said

"A rascal."

"No." The woman said

"You're a Princess."

"And your wedding is in a day." the woman held Kenna's hands

"That boy can't give ya what the Prince can." the woman patted Kenna on the back

Kenna looked at Hansel getting on his horse.

"But Hansel's my love." Kenna said with a tear creeping down her face.

The Prince came behind her and grabbed her arm and threw her down

"What are you doing with him?!?" he yelled at Kenna

Hansel saw this, he hoped off his horse and put his gun on the princes head

"Let her go." He said in a stern voice

Hansel helped Kenna up.

"Anyone that tries to hurt this girl has to go through me!" Hansel announced

That night Kenna put on her black pants, white blouse, green corset, and her dark green jacket

She jumped out the window with her grappling hook gun.

Kenna stood in the middle of the road with Hansel strapping Stuff on a horse

"By now we should be able to make it back to Augsburg." Hansel said

"And you Kenny," Hansel said

"Get to ride with me!"

The Prince appeared

he had a sword at hand

"Oh, not this royal pain in my butt." Hansel said

"hand over the Princess!" The Prince ordered

"She isn't even a resident here!" Hansel yelled back

Hansel helped Kenna on the horse.

"When things get bad," Hansel said

"Promise me that you will leave and head for Augsburg."

The Prince waved his sword at Hansel

"or die."

The prince charged at Hansel.

But he ducked and the prince fell over Hansel's back

Hansel grabbed the princes Sword and broke it

He threw the remains of the sword into the street.

The Prince swung a fist at Hansel and hit him.

Hansel threw the prince on the ground

The Prince kicked Hansel in the gut and threw him on the ground

"The girl is mine." the Prince said

"I doubt it."

Hansel head butted the Prince.he kicked the prince in the gut

Hansel got up and threw the Prince into a Wagon

the wagon broke

"For a Prince your pathetic." Hansel said walking off

Kenna saw the Prince get up, he had a sharp end of the sword.

"HANSEL!" Kenna yelled

Kenna shot an arrow from her hand crossbow.It hit the Prince in the head and he fell to the ground

Kenna hopped off the Horse and Ran to Hansel.

Hansel hugged Kenna.

"Hansel.." Kenna said

she hugged Hansel tightly and touched his hair. she like to mess it up and play with it.

"We better get going," Gretel said

"Come on Lovebirds."

Hansel hopped on the horse, he grabbed Kenna's arm and helped her up.

Kenna held onto him

"Let's go."

Hansel and Gretel rode into the woods.

They stopped in a forest near Augsburg.

They built a fire.

Kenna chomped down on turkey

"This Turkey is so divine." Kenna said

A Woman in a black dress walked up to the fire


She said


"And Kenna."

The woman Changed her face and became a freak, A monster of some sort

Hansel Grabbed the witches arm and pulled her into the fire

The witch hissed. And burned.

The next day They arrived in Augsburg the mayor had their money.

"Here's the money from Van Helsing." The mayor handed the sack to Gretel.

Kenna walked out the room.

"But, Bellatrix said she has something bigger planned from me." Kenna said

Hansel looked at Kenna

"We'll be ready for anything." Hansel said

He saw Mina walking to them

"Oh Lord." He said under his breathe

"Hansel," she said

"hey." Mina said again

Kenna Put her hands on her hips

"Hi." She said

"Are you Hansel?"Mina asked with an attitude

Mina smiled, her teeth were yellowish which was strange.


Bellatrix had yellow teeth

Kenna quickly punched Mina.

Mina's faced changed it was Bellatrix.

"Now you die!" Bellatrix yelled

she stabbed Kenna in the stomach

"Gorna!" Bella yelled

a dark elf like Witch walked out of a pub

Gorna shot her magic and Hansel and threw him into a building

And Gretel into a barn.

The dark elf shot magic at Kenna and it started to suck her soul

The witch stopped

"I just sucked 2 years out of your life." Gorna smiled.

Hansel got up and ran up to the witch he picked her up and he threw her into a barrel

The witch threw him on the ground and sat on him.

She stabbed Hansel.

"HANSEL!"Kenna screamed

Kenna got up and threw the witch off of Hansel

Gretel shot arrows at Bellatrix one hit Bella's heart

Bella shrieked to her knee's

"Damned Witch hunter." Bellatrix said

Her life had been lost

Bellatrix was dead.

But Gorna was still fighting.

she threw Kenna on the wall and hansel on top of her

Hansel and Kenna's arm were interlocked.

Gorna punched Hansel's gut he fell and she punched Kenna's gut, Kenna sucker punched her and shot Gorna

Gorna charged at Kenna

Hansel kicked Gorna down and placed his foot

Kenna aimed Hansel's shot gun at Gorna's face.

"Happy resting."

Kenna grinned and pulled the trigger.

Hansel Hugged her from behind.

"it's ok." He said

Hansel turned Kenna around and Kissed her on the lips

"You're ok." He said holding her

Hansel kissed her again

"You're ok."

A horse rode up behind Hansel and a gun with place on the back of his head.

"Let the Princess go." A noble man said

"You are charged for kidnap and killing the prince." The Noble man said

Hansel eyes widened.

Kenna saw the fear in his eyes.

Kenna let Hansel go and stood in front of him

"If you want to kill him, you have to kill me first." She said

The noble man took his gun of her head he got off his horse and Grabbed Kenna

"Stop." she said

And suddenly it was like when she first met hansel.

She was defenseless.

The knights Grabbed Hansel and threw him on the ground

Gretel ran to him but the guards. shoved her into a wall

Gretel head butted them.

She high kicked one in the face.

They held her on the ground

"Should I kill you here?" The noble man asked Hansel

"In front of everyone,"

"Your Sister."

"And the love of your life?" The Noble man asked

Kenna was held down her hair


"What did you say?" the noble man asked

"he didn't kill the prince, The Prince tried to kill him. She i shot the Prince. I killed him." Kenna confessed

"Don't hurt Hansel." Kenna pleaded

"I don't care if he didn't kill the prince." The noble man said

"He stole the Princess."

"And I never liked him anyways."

The Noble man picked Hansel up but the collar.

"he can rot in jail for all I care." The noble man said

Kenna grabbed a blade out of her jacket and stabbed the guard in the foot.

she stabbed it through his foot. Into the ground

The Guard screamed

"Since the Prince is dead, you shall marry me." The noble man smiled

"The king pronounced me Prince, we shall have 3 kids and live in the high tower." He smiled

"While your Hansel rots in the ground!"

The noble man shot Hansel

"HANSEL!" Gretel screamed

Kenna grabbed Hansel's shot gun and shot the noble man.

she ran to Hansel.

Hansel was laying down in pain

"I can get it out."

kenna pulled the bullet out .

The Noble man held his sword on Kenna's neck and made a small line cutting her skin.

"Come my Princess." The Noble man grabbed Kenna's and held a sword to her neck

"No!" Hansel yelled

Guards tried to hold him down but he fought back

he ran up to Kenna

The noble man aimed his gun at Hansel

"Can I at least say goodbye?" hansel asked

"Sure.." the noble man said

Hansel hugged Kenna.

Kenna started to cry.

"Pulled away again." She said

"Yeah, I remember when i first met you." Hansel said with a smile

"You were a beautiful flirt." hansel said

Hansel hugged Kenna tightly he wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her.

A Guard pulled him off.

"can you do the wedding here, in Augsburg?" Hansel asked

The noble man thought

"yes." he said with a smile.

the noble man tried to kiss Kenna but she slapped him.




kenna said with an angry tone.

Hansel winked at Kenna.

She smiled.

"Stay away from my love you rouge." The Prince noble man said

The new prince hopped on his horse and pulled Kenna up.

he yelled out


And he rode of Kenna looked back at Hansel and Gretel.

Later that Night Kenna was wearing her wedding dress.

She looked at the fine marital with the white silk corset.

The noble man was watching her.

"beautiful isn't it?"

"Creep." Kenna ran over and shut the door.

Kenna looked out the window. She could see hansel coming out the pub. he had a bottle of milk.

Kenna opened the window.

"HANSEL!" She yelled out

hansel looked around and then up

"Hey there!" he said

"I love you!" kenna yelled

"I love you too Kenny!"

kenna shut the window.

Night came. The wedding had begun.

Bells rang as Kenna walked down the aisle. She looked and saw the noble man as the groom. Not Hansel. instead she saw Hansel in the crowd.

he smiled at her. Gretel was her only bridesmaid. and a bunch of rich fat men were on the noble man's side.

"hello love." the Prince said

"Your not my love." Kenna said with a bitter tone.

"Shall we begin?" The Priest asked

"yes." everyone said

except hansel.

Kenna looked at hansel. and then at Gretel

"We are gathered here today, on this happy and joyous occasion, to join this man and this woman in holy matrimony." the Priest said

"Marriage is a solemn institution to be held in honor by all, it is the cornerstone of the family and of the community. It requires of those who undertake it a complete and unreserved giving of one's self. It is not to be entered into lightly, as marriage is a sincere and mutual commitment to love one another. This commitment symbolizes the intimate sharing of two lives and still enhances the individuality of each of you."

"Groom, do you take this woman to be your wedded wife? Do you promise to love her, comfort her, honor and keep her in sickness and in health, remaining faithful to her as long as you both shall live?" The Priest asked

"I do." the noble man smiled

"Bride, do you take this man to be your wedded husband? Do you promise to love him, comfort him, honor and keep him in sickness and in health, remaining faithful to him as long as you both shall live?"

"I do... not." Kenna said

"YOU MUST MARRY HIM!" A voice yelled

Kenna took the rings and threw them.

"I have a choice!" kenna yelled

Kenna walked to Hansel.

"As many of you see Hansel as a rugged bad boy. or even a bandit. A rouge. or a Scoundrel." Kenna said

she held Hansel's hands

"He is the most loving protective person i know." Kenna announced

"And he's my partner, my friend, my teacher. and the love of MY life." kenna said in tears

"And I love him more than anything."

Kenna turned around and grabbed the Prince's sword.

She cut 2 lines on either side of his face.

"I had a friend," Kenna started to say

"Inigo Montoya,"

"He taught me how to fence"

"Now, Anyone that dares touch me, Hansel, or Gretel. Will be taught a lesson."

Kenna walked out Holding Hansel's hand and Gretel behind them.

They got outside.

Kenna had to throw part of her dress over her shoulder.

"Well," Gretel said

"None of us will ever get married and have a wedding."

Hansel, Kenna, and Gretel got into their cabin Kenna threw off the dress. Hansel sat on the bed and looked at her dress.

"It's a nice dress." He said looking up.

Kenna was putting on her long over shirt and black pants

"It really is."

"What now?" Kenn asked

"I don't know." Hansel answered he got up and his watch went off.

Hansel found a place to eject the shot into his leg.

"We really have nothing to do." Gretel said

"Other than to sleep, and check out new witch sightings tomorrow." Kenna said

Kenna crawled into her bed.

"Goodnight." She said

Kenna turned over and faced the wall.

Hansel pulled off his jacket, boots, and his brown leather vest,

he lay next to Kenna. and held her.

Hansel touched her hair.

"Your hair so soft." He said

Kenna turned around and faced Hansel. she smiled and touch his hair

"So is yours."

Hansel kissed Kenna.

"That Noble man was a jerk." Kenna said

"Yes he was." Hansel said

"I'm cold." Kenna said

Hansel hugged her.

"I'll keep you warm."

"Go to sleep love birds." Gretel said

The next day Hansel and Kenna walked into the mayors office

"Hello Mayor!" kenna said with a smile

"I got 3 reports." The mayor said

"Their is a cottage in the west corner."

Kenna And Hansel walked to the house.

Kenna and Hansel hid behind a tree.

"Now what?" kenna asked

she had he shotgun in her hands.

"She's an ugly thing." Hansel said looking in the window.

"Let's see if you can shoot her from here." He said

Kenna aimed her gun at the witch.

And pulled the trigger,

the house blew up.

The witch managed to escape on her broom.

"GET HER!" Gretel yelled from a tree

Kenna started ruining

she shot her grappling hook gun at the witch.

It hooked on the broom.

Kenna was dragged along the ground.

Kenna hit a tree,

"OW!" She yelled

kenna got dragged passed a tree and held on to it, the witch fell of her broom and started running.

Hansel was behind Kenna he held her up and dusted the leaves of her face.

Hansel chased the witch.

Kenna came up behind him.

The witch flew backwards causing Hansel to turn around and fall on Kenna.

Hansel held himself up.He looked as if he was doing some form of yoga.

Kenna was underneath Hansel she tilted her head and could see behind her.

The witch stopped she started flying close to the ground and she charged at Hansel and Kenna

Hansel ducked down after the witch passed he shot her ankle she fell of the broom and into a tree.

The witch hit a few branches on the way down.

Gretel held her bow at the witches head.

"Get her wand." She said to Hansel

Hansel held his gun to the witches head.

he reached for the wand. The witch elbowed Hansel in the face and she kicked Gretel over.

The witch whacked Kenna in the head.

Kenna fell on the ground the witch ran.

Hansel got up and threw a rock at the witch hitting her head,

The witch fell to the ground.

"Say your name." Kenna said


"She look's like a demon." Hansel said

"Maybe she is." Hansel said

"We need to take her into questioning." Kenna said

Kenna dragged the witch by her hair, she dragged her all the way into the town.

Once they got to the town.They sat her in a chair in the sheriffs office.

"They have brought a live witch into my office!" He fussed

"They need to interrogate her." The Mayor said,

he walked off into the street leaving the mayor peeved.

Inside Kenna, Hansel, and Gretel worked hard on ingratiating her.

"What do you know?" Kenna said pulling the witches hair

"this city will burn." The witch said with a smile.

"She's crazy." Hansel said

"We should just burn her."

"Why not at least listen." Kenna said holding Hansel's hand with a smile.

"She's right." Gretel butted in. "We can learn more."

"You are too late." The witch said with a Erie smile.

A force struck down the door.

A grand witch appeared. she shot Gretel.

Gretel was shot through the wall and fell into some hay.

"now you...." the grand witch said

she shot Hansel and threw him out a window.

She freed he other witch and stood. she watched Kenna.

Kenna pulled out a revolver and held it the witch.

the witch casted a spell, and set the building on fire.

She popped out and left kenna with no place to escape.

"HANSEL!" She yelled

Kenna charged at the door, trying to break it down.

A beam started to fall. over kenna.

It got looser,

and looser.

the beam slid.

"AHHHHHHHHH!" kenna screamed.

the beam fell on her, kenna looked at the burning ceiling.

She tried to move the beam.

Sweat pounded her face.

Soon, the light started to fade.

it got darker, and darker. and darker.

At last.

kenna was out.

Witch Hunting part 3

Kenna woke up under a beam. The fire was put out, her face was covered in soot, Kenna got up with her back in knots, how did she survive the fire. And what did the witches want?

Ben came up to her

"The Whole town hates you." he said

"They're blaming you for the fires." he said.

"Where's Gretel and Hansel?" Kenna asked

"Hansel was thrown in the woods and Gretel is back at my place eating." Ben said

"I Can find Hansel." Kenna said Stretching

Kenna grabbed Hansel's shotgun, which was buried under a rotted beam.

And headed to the forest.She found a big tree that covered a chunk of the forest.

Kenna looked up the tree and saw Hansel hanging from a limb by his leg.

"HANSEL!" She yelled

Hansel's eyes opened

"What the -"

"Your kinda stuck in a tree." Kenna said

"I noticed." He replied.

"I can get you down."

Kenna aimed Hansel's shot gun at the tree and shot the branch down.Hansel fell from the tree onto the ground.

"Ever since I've known you, You have been stuck in a tree like 5 times." Kenna smiled When hansel hit the ground.

"Ow..." Hansel moaned.


"help me." He said.

kenna lifted Hansel off the ground.

"You hurt your Ankle." Kenna said looking at Hansel's ankle.

"I'm ok."


"Your not." Kenna said holding Hansel up.

He had his arm wrapped around her neck.

Kenna warped her arms around his waist as they walked.

"OW!" Hansel shrieked

"You need help." Kenna said

"Set me down." Hansel said

"I'm fine." Hansel argued

"No your no-"

"SET ME DOWN RIGHT NOW!" Hansel yelled

Kenna threw Hansel on the ground, she pined him down and held her elbow to his throat.

"If your going to argue I will leave you here and let you die. I WILL Get you help not matter what your Crappy Egotistic Stuck Up decisions say!" Kenna snapped at Hansel.

Kenna picked up Hansel.

"let's go." Kenna said softly.

Kenna helped Hansel up, she held him tightly,dragging him threw the woods.

A Woman appeared by a tree, She carried wooded Staff. Branches grew off her arm.She had a hood on.

"Where are you going?" She asked

Kenna picked up the pace as she carried hansel.

"I ASK YOU A QUESTION!" The witch yelled.

She twisted her staff around and shot Kenna and Hansel apart

The Witch Angrily walked up to Kenna.

The Witch stood over kenna and Lifted her her staff.

Kenna turned over just in time as the witch stabbed the Staff into the ground

Kenna twisted Hansel's shotgun and smacked the witch with the butt of the gun.

kenna jumped up and the witch swung the Staff at Kenna's leg's Causing her to fall down.

Hansel lay 50ft away from them.

"HANSEL! I'M COMING!" Kenna yelled.

Kenna swung a knife out of her jacket and stabbed the witch in the knee.

The witch shrieked and fell.

Kenna grabbed the witches Staff and broke it.

"MY BABY!" The witch yelled.

"YOU MONSTER!" The witch yelled

The witch stood up and Smacked Kenna in the face with the staff.

Kenna stumbled Back and fell.

the witch hovered over her and kenna kicked the witch in the gut.

Kenna stood up and threw a blade,

The sharp edge of the blade to steel knife cut into the witches shoulder.

"What's your name?" Kenna asked reaching into her jacket for her revolver.

"Azura." the witch mumbled

The witch reached her hand up in the air.

her broom stick flew down to her, Azura snickered and hopped on.

"NO!" kenna yelled

Kenna chased the witch.

"Let's find where your Precious Partner is laying in pain." The witch Laughed.

Kenna let one hand free and grabbed onto a wire on her belt.

Kenna swung the hook in the air and latched it on the broom.


She let go.

Kenna got dragged through the woods.

the witch stopped over Hansel's aching body.

Kenna pulled Hansel's shotgun off of her back,

She watched the witch,

Kenna placed her hand on the Fore-End of Hansel's shotgun.

Kenna whistled and the witch looked back.

Kenna pulled the Pump,The Muzzle stuck out

kenna quickly stabbed the witch with the Muzzle.and shot her.

The witch fell off of her broom, Kenna and Azura fell on the ground.

Azura was dead,

Kenna walked over to Hansel, who lay down in total pain. He stared off into the distance Endlessly.

"Hansel?" Kenna said worriedly

"HELP!" Kenna yelled


A girl walked out of a bush

"I can help." she said with a smile. The girl had a mask on, wit horns. She had on Jewelry and half a Animal skull on with a grass skirt.

"W-w-w-w-who are you?" kenna stuttered

"I'm Nylora, a Witch doctor from Beweara."

"I can cure him." Nylora said

"You can?" kenna said in tears.

"help me carry him." Nylora said

Nylora and Kenna picked Hansel up carrying off to Nylora's hut.

Kenna laid Hansel on a table.

"Some Ajialla should bring him out of Shock." Nylora said

Kenna sat down and looked into Hansel's blue/green eyes.

"Talk to me." kenna said

"I have to drop this in his eyes." Nylora said

Nylora held Hansel's head and dropped the Ajialla into his eyes.

Hansel's arm moved and he started to blink.

"Knot Sage leaves will fix his ankle." Nylora said wrapping the leaves around his ankle.

"Where am I?" Hansel asked Wondrously

"Nylora is a witch doctor, she can help you." Kenna said holding Hansel's hand.

"heal up Partner." Kenna smiled.

Hansel swing his legs off the table.

"Help him up." Nylora said as she put away the rest of the Knot Sage.

Kenna held Hansel's arm up and helped him walk.

"My Ankle feel's so much better," Hansel said

Kenna let go of hansel, he was able to walk as normal.

Kenna walked over and Smiled at Him.

"We need to get back to town."

"Can I go with?" Nylora asked

"Not Dressed like that." Hansel said

Kenna, Nylora, and Hansel walked into town,

Nylora had on a red dress and a red corset. Kenna gave her a Coal leather jacket.

Back in town Gretel and Ben waited for them.

"Who's this?" Gretel asked looking at Nylora.

"This is Nylora," Kenna stated

"A Witch Doctor." Hansel added

"She's not evil." Kenna told Gretel and Ben

"I saved Hansel." Nylora said stepping up

"You saved my Brother?" Gretel asked,

she sounded full of emotion.

"Thank you."

Gretel gave Nylora a hug.

Ben tried to give Gretel a hug, but she pulled away.

"Easy there buddy." Gretel said sternly

"Hansel and I are going to go up to the Mayors office and ask for some new reports." Kenna said

"Oh yes, that's right." Hansel said

Hansel and Kenna walked across the town to the Mayor's office.

On the way there Hansel looked over at Kenna.

"Stop." he said

Kenna stood in front of Hansel as he tried to speak.

"I'm sorry I yelled at you like that." He said

"Don't let it happen again." kenna answered him with a smile.

Hansel grabbed Kenna and hugged her.

Kenna hugged Hansel back.

"I love you." She said

Kenna kissed Hansel and then she let go.

"I'm done with you now." Kenna said

she playfully Pushed Hansel.

They walked pass a group of Men, they looked at Kenna and started Whistling.

"Hey there!" One man Yelled

Kenna and Hansel just walked up to Mayors office,

Kenna Held her head High as she walked next to Hansel.